Tell us about a rough sleeper

Tell us about a person sleeping rough

We cannot take people off the street without their consent, but we do what we can to ensure every homeless person is safe.

If you’re concerned about someone sleeping rough, let us know using StreetLink.

StreetLink enables members of the public to connect people sleeping rough with the local services that support them.

Tell us about a rough sleeper via StreetLink

It’s helpful if you include:

  • a specific location for the rough sleeper
  • date and time the rough sleeper was at the location
  • details about the rough sleeper that will help us find them such as gender, what the person looks like, what they are wearing

You can also let us know via:

  • telephone – 020 8356 2929
  • in person – Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, E8 1DY

How you can help someone sleeping rough

To make a positive difference and help someone sleeping rough in Hackney you can:

  • talk – a smile or hello can make a big difference to help someone feel less invisible and part of the community
  • tap – help financially by donating £3 to Tap London’s contactless donation points. The money goes to the Mayor of London’s rough sleeping fund, which supports local charities
  • time – find out about local volunteering opportunities
  • tell – if you see someone bedding down outside, sleeping in a car, doorway or abandoned building then let us know. We will find them and offer them help

Help in severe weather conditions

In winter, if the weather is expected to reach 0°C or lower then we’ll make every effort to provide emergency shelter.

In summer, if the weather is very hot then we provide sunscreen, water and make shelter available during the day.

See How we support people who are rough sleeping during periods of extreme hot weather (google doc).

If you see someone in distress or immediate danger, call 999 immediately.

Mayor of London’s mission to end homelessness

See the Mayor of London’s mission to end homelessness which provides practical advice on how to help rough sleepers.

Page updated on: 7 May 2024

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