Rough sleeping support

If you’re homeless

If you’re being threatened with homelessness


If you need somewhere to stay:

Emergency medical help

  • if you have had an accident or are in need of urgent medical attention go to Homerton Hospital’s accident and emergency department or call 999
  • if you are experiencing mental health problems you can contact City and Hackney Crisis Pathway Services 24 Hour Helpline on 020 8432 8020

The helpline is for people of any age who may have long term psychological issues or who have had a sudden crisis such as a shock, bereavement, relationship issue, etc. They offer confidential expert advice and guidance support and referrals to local services if needed.

If you’re pregnant, have children or you’re looking after someone

If you’re vulnerable due to disability or illness

If you’re a young person aged 16 to 25

  • contact Alone in London, a service for young people ages 16 to 25 who are homeless or at immediate risk of homelessness
  • for help getting work, training and accommodation, contact or visit New Horizon Youth Centre

Getting off the streets

You can make a start by:

  • contacting The Greenhouse on Tudor Road. Due to coronavirus the Greenhouse is not open to the public, but is operating a telephone only service on 020 8510 4490
  • registering with StreetLink – they’ll put you in touch with local services who can help
  • getting the Streetlink app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Immigration advice

If you’re a European national

  • if you’re a European national or a citizen of another country and you aren’t entitled to benefits (or you have ‘no recourse to public funds’), find out what to do when homeless in London

If you’re an asylum seeker or refugee or you recently arrived in the UK

Severe weather

If you’re sleeping rough in Hackney and the weather’s expected to reach 0°C or lower, we’ll make every effort to provide emergency shelter.

During extended periods of very hot weather during the summer the Council provides sunscreen and water and will make shelter available during the day.

How you can help someone sleeping rough

If you see someone sleeping rough, remember to Talk, Tap, Time, Tell

The four steps give residents simple steps to make a positive difference and help people they see sleeping rough.

Talk: a smile or ‘hello’ can make a big difference, to help someone feel less invisible and part of the community.

Tap: help financially by donating £3 to Tap London’s contactless donation points – money goes to the Mayor of London’s rough sleeping fund, which supports local charities. There are donation points across London:

Time: find out about local volunteering opportunities.

Tell: if you see someone bedding down outside, let our outreach workers know via the Streetlink app. Our outreach team will be out to find them and offer accommodation. If you’re worried about someone who’s seriously ill, call 999.

Let your property

If you or someone you know has an unused, self-contained property that could be used as emergency accommodation by a family that needs it, contact the housing supply team on 020 8356 4411 or

Helping someone who’s begging

You might want to help someone you’ve seen begging. If you do still want to give them food, money or other items, please remember social distancing rules and maintain a 2 metre distance at all times for your safety.

Not everyone begging is homeless and some are involved in organised criminal activity. Some people prefer not to give cash – other ways to help are donating to local homelessness charities or volunteering. We work with:

Antisocial behaviour

Our strategy

We’re doing all we can to reduce homelessness. Our rough sleeper strategy aims to reduce rough sleeping to zero.

Page updated on: 2 December 2022