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Roads, streets and pavements

Applying for road closures and diversions

If you want to

  • temporarily close a road to traffic to work on the highway
  • amend its parking restrictions
  • make a large delivery
  • make a two way road one way (or vice versa)

or something similar, you’ll need to attend a site meeting with representatives of the Council, the Metropolitan Police and, if the road closure is on a bus route, the bus company, so that we can issue you with a traffic regulation order (or temporary traffic restriction) – a legal order we can make under the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991.

We’ll advise you on a diversionary route for the affected traffic. We use our own temporary traffic restrictions to accommodate street works, construction works and in some cases for street parties or festivals.

There are certain conditions you’ll need to meet leading up to the start of your work – some of which need to be completed up to six weeks before you start works. Please read the terms and conditions in the application form.

If you’d like to close your road, please contact Suresh Prajapati on, 020 8356 8374 or at the address on this page.

We can place restrictions on a road, cycle lane or footpath. We process all applications for temporary traffic restrictions in Hackney except ones required on a red route. If you want to restrict traffic on a red route please email TfL.

How to apply

Application processing fees start from 1 April.

Road closure and footway closure for planned works

Notice period: 6 weeks. Documents required: Location plan, method of statement, public liability insurance, copy of letter to residents or business and payment by cheque or BACS. Cost for up to:

  • 5 days: £2,000
  • 1 month: £2,250
  • 3 months: £2,970
  • 6 months: £3,850
  • 12 months: £5,610
  • 18 months: £7,425
  • 36 months: £13,500

Application form for a temporary traffic regulation order

Road closure and footway closure for emergency or urgent works

Notice period: immediate. Documents required: Location plan, method of statement, public liability insurance, copy of letter to residents or business and payment by cheque or BACS. Cost for up to:

  • 5 days: £1,200
  • 21 days: £2,250

Application form for a temporary traffic regulation order

Crane / cherry picker licence

Notice period: 2 weeks. Documents required: Location plan, method of statement, public liability insurance, copy of letter to residents or business and payment by cheque or BACS. Cost for up to:

  • 1 week: £350 – for each additional week add £100

Application form for a crane and cherry picker licence

Oversail licence

Notice period: 2 weeks. Documents required: Crane location plan, public liability insurance, payment by cheque or BACS. Cost for up to:

  • 3 months: £350
  • 6 months: £640
  • 9 months: £960
  • 12 months: £1,280

Application form for an oversail licence


  • notice period: 4 weeks. Cost for up to 3 days: £350

Find out more about filming in Hackney and apply.

Street event (commercial)

  • cost from 1 April for up to 1 day: £1,200

Application form for a street event licence

Street event (community)

  • cost for up to 1 day: free

Scaffolding licence, hoarding or skip licence

Road closure (TfL network)

Street works licence

If you want to excavate the public highway to install or maintain cables, ducts and pipes etc, and can’t do so under a statutory undertaker’s licence, you’ll need to apply for a licence under section 50 of the New Roads and Street Works Act.

Once you’ve got a licence, you must comply with the act and its associated secondary legislation and codes of practice, so it’s important that you or any appointed contractors are familiar with the legislation and have the appropriate accreditation. If you apply for a licence and don’t comply with the relevant legislation you could be fined.

It’s compulsory to provide approved provisional advance authorisation (PAA) when undertaking utilities work on public highway. You must notify the Council of your intended works by emailing We require notification in accordance with the London wide permit scheme.

Please note: emailing us does not serve as a notification of intended works under the London wide permit scheme, nor will it confirm an early start. If you need an early start please contact us.

Which roads do we manage?

We’re responsible for keeping all the public roads and pavements in the borough safe for everyone to use – but we don’t own them all. We can only maintain ‘adopted’ highways, where we have taken on the legal responsibility for maintenance.

We don’t maintain trunk roads or red routes – they’re owned and maintained by Transport for London (TfL). Contact TfL directly to report a problem.


Generally the walls and fences that surround property and fields are erected and maintained by the land owner. We maintain and repair:

  • walls supporting the structure of the highway – highway retaining walls
  • walls retaining land excavated in cutting to form a highway parapet wall on bridges
  • walls providing a safety barrier – for example a steep drop at the other side of the wall

Let us know if there is a problem with one of these walls:

Report a problem with a wall

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