Report a problem

You can report most issues to us using our report a problem tool. 

It’s the quickest way to let us know about a problem. 

You can also find out if someone else has already reported the problem to us.

Report, view, or discuss local problems

You can use the tool to report:

  • cleanliness, bin or graffiti problems
  • dog poo
  • fly tipping
  • road, vehicle or parking problems
  • abandoned bikes
  • a food safety issue at a venue or restaurant
  • a park or public space problem
  • a licensing or illegal street trading issue 
  • syringes and needles
  • spillage after a waste collection
  • litter

If you want to report unwelcome noise then use our noise reporting system: NoiseWorks.

If you are a council tenant or leaseholder and you want to report a problem happening within your council estate then you should contact your Housing Officer

Transport for London (TFL) maintain some parts of the streets and roads. For example, traffic lights, Santander bicycles and bus stops and shelters. You can report a problem to TFL using TFL’s Street Care.

You can also report a problem using FixMyStreet. You can download the FixMyStreet App on the App store and Google Play Store.

Page updated on: 14 April 2023