Tell us you’re moving or report a change

If you need to change something else about your council tax, please contact us.

Residents – let us know if you’re moving in or out

To reduce processing time, please have the following to hand before completing the form:

  • a daytime telephone number or email address
  • the date you are moving
  • the name of the new occupier, if you know it
  • your old council tax account number, if applicable
  • if you are a tenant, the name and address of your landlord and whether the property is furnished
  • if you own the property, details of the agents arranging the sale or the name of the solicitor acting for you on the sale
  • if you’re moving to a new address in Hackney, the name and forwarding address of the people who lived there before you

Let us know if you’re moving in or out

Residents – let us know if the occupiers in your household have changed

Let us know of any changes to the details of the adult residents in the property.

This includes any additional adult residents that have moved in and joined the household, and any adult residents that have moved out and left the household.

Report a change of occupiers

Landlords – let us know if your tenants are moving in or out

Let us know if a tenant is moving in or out of your property:

Tell us about a tenant moving in or out

Claim a discount or exemption

Upload evidence for tenancy agreements or student certificates

You can upload any evidence you may need to provide using this form:

Upload evidence

Single person discount

Single person discount 

Let us know someone has died

Tell us someone has died

Contact us about another change to your council tax

Contact us

Page updated on: 18 March 2021

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