Shoreditch has a well-established identity built on its diverse communities, cultural heritage and vibrant economy.

It is globally recognised for creativity as well as innovation, iconic street art, scores of independent shops, award-winning cafes and restaurants, boutique hotels and a lively night-time economy.

Shoreditch is changing

Shoreditch is an area of Hackney that has undergone a large amount of change in recent times. The distinct character of the area being creative, cultural and at one time commercially affordable attracted a wave of tech start-up companies to join the established media, art and night-time enterprises.

Shoreditch is now entering a new phase of change, large corporations that are developing their own technology are being attracted to the area due to the young talent pool.

Space is at a premium and landowners have taken advantage of the conditions to bring forward a lot of new developments, both mixed-use and wholly commercial on a large scale.

This is having a major impact on both Shoreditch and the neighbouring Hoxton area. The community is changing as it is growing and there are legitimate concerns about the loss of character and the gap between new and existing communities.

Many of the development schemes are more reflective of what would be seen in the City and the scale and massing of developments will put pressure on infrastructure.

Objectives and projects

The Council wants to ensure growth is inclusive – bringing benefits to existing communities and businesses while securing the economic growth that will mean new opportunities for everyone.

To do this we work in partnership with the community, businesses, landowners, neighbouring boroughs, TfL and the GLA to deliver impactful change in Shoreditch.

Principal Place

We are delivering a new affordable workspace and business support hub at Principal Place development that will provide a range of services that could include discounted affordable workspace and business support activities for Hackney businesses such as drop-in support, networking events, business forums, seminars, and one-to-one advice sessions for the local business community.

Page updated on: 12 October 2020