Hackney Central

Hackney Central is the civic, cultural and geographical heart of Hackney. It’s one of the borough’s main town centres, an important transport hub, a destination for culture and nightlife and home to some of the borough’s major landmarks.


Hackney Central is changing

Hackney Central is a changing town centre. Over recent years, it has welcomed more new homes and employment opportunities, shoppers, businesses and places to visit, workspaces, and a bustling evening economy.

More change is on the way as we use our own land and assets to build new homes and tackle the acute housing crisis, deliver the facilities and infrastructure for a growing population, and support people and businesses to thrive.

In 2020, Hackney’s Local Plan designated Hackney Central as a major town centre. This identifies the area as a place that can accommodate growth and investment to provide the new homes, jobs and facilities that Hackney’s growing population needs both now and in the future. Development of allocated sites in Hackney Central identified in the Local Plan can help accommodate around 1,000 new jobs and 3,000 new homes.

Hackney Central Town Centre Strategy

The Hackney Central Town Centre Strategy sets out a new vision for a growing town centre, informed by the views of thousands of local people. We’ll work with partners and the local community to deliver on this vision.

The five priorities for Hackney Central, framed as “missions” within the strategy, are:

  • champion our character – broaden cultural and heritage activities to make them more representative and celebratory of Hackney Central’s diverse local histories, activism and identities
  • wellbeing for all – support the spaces, services and local networks that enable Hackney Central’s communities to feel healthy, safe and cared for
  • a fair economy – ensure the economy works for local people – supporting ideas, businesses and people to access secure and fulfilling jobs
  • green and resilient – implement measures to fight against the effects of climate change, move towards zero carbon, improve biodiversity and reduce waste
  • developing well – ensure residents can actively engage in and influence the future of their area

Read the full Hackney Central strategy (PDF 5.4mb)

What’s happening in Hackney Central

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Page updated on: 11 September 2023