Hackney Central

Hackney Central is one of the borough’s main town centres. It’s an important transport hub and a destination for culture and nightlife. It’s also home to some of the borough’s major landmarks.

We’re proposing many changes to Hackney Central shaped by the views of thousands of local people. The changes will mean cleaner air, less traffic, and better facilities for the community.


Hackney Central Town Centre Strategy

The Hackney Central Town Centre Strategy sets out a new vision for a growing town centre, informed by the views of thousands of local people. It includes five missions for us, our partners and the community to achieve this vision:

  • champion our character – broaden cultural and heritage activities to make them more representative and celebratory of Hackney Central’s diverse local histories, activism and identities
  • wellbeing for all – support the spaces, services and local networks that enable Hackney Central’s communities to feel healthy, safe and cared for
  • a fair economy – ensure the economy works for local people – supporting ideas, businesses and people to access secure and fulfilling jobs
  • green and resilient – put in place measures to fight against the effects of climate change, move towards zero carbon, improve biodiversity and reduce waste
  • developing well – ensure residents can engage in and influence the future of their area

Read the full Hackney Central strategy (PDF 5.4mb)

Levelling Up Fund investment

We have secured more than £19m investment from the Levelling Up Fund to support the ambitions of the Hackney Central Town Centre Strategy.

See our Levelling Up Fund application (PDF 2mb).

Hackney Central is changing

Big changes are coming to Hackney Central. The changes will deliver on the vision and missions of the Hackney Central Town Centre Strategy.

Hackney faces a critical housing shortage and affordability crisis. The population will continue to grow in the years ahead. Instead of accepting increased demand for housing and pressure on services and facilities, we’re committed to managing this growth sustainably.

Hackney Central is one of the borough’s major town centres. It has many sites that we can repurpose or redevelop. It will be an important area for accommodating new homes and jobs, as well as the facilities and infrastructure needed to support these.

We will use the opportunities that growth and development can bring to create:

  • an improved town centre
  • better public spaces
  • new facilities for residents
  • opportunities for businesses to grow
  • a greener town centre in an area which is today impacted by high traffic, dangerous junctions and poor air quality

Local people’s views shaped these priorities for Hackney Central. In 2019, thousands shared their views through the Hackney Central Conversation. They also shared views in the Moving around Hackney Central consultation, which included detailed discussions about how people get around Hackney Central. There was also engagement on the Hackney Central town centre strategy in 2021.

Find out how Hackney Central is changing.

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Page updated on: 26 February 2024