Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park events

We have implemented event day restrictions in roads surrounding the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and London Stadium (QEOP) to protect the parking needs of the residents in the area when events are taking place.

How will I know when an event is taking place?

Matches at the London Stadium

All football matches at the London Stadium will be covered by the extended event day hours.

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Events at the QEOP (not including West Ham fixtures)

  • 26 June 2020 – Green Day
  • 4-5 July 2020 – Muller Anniversary Games

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Additional information for drivers


All controlled parking zone entry signs (pictured below) which are located on every road entering the event day area or regulatory signs in certain areas of the zone will provide advanced warning of when the next home match or event is to take place and when the controls will next come into effect.

Controlled zone sign
Controlled zone sign
Permit holders only sign
Permit holders only sign

Where there are no events being enforced at the stadium, these will be displayed as ‘not today’ on the signs.

The signs will be updated approximately 3 days before a match or event at the QEOP.

Drivers will need to ensure that they take note of these dates and ensure they have a valid permit or pay to park in the area during an event.

Dedicated telephone line

A dedicated telephone line is also available which provides dates of the next 2 events which will be covered by the event day restrictions.

Residents and drivers can find out the details of the next event days by calling; 020 8356 2434.

How does the QEOP event day work?

The event day controls will operate as an extension to the current operational hours in the area on days when there are large scale events taking place at the QEOP.

The extended hours for the event day area are:

  • weekdays – 6.30pm until 8.30pm (in addition to existing controls)
  • weekends and bank holidays – 12 noon until 6pm

The extended hours will only apply when there are either large scale events with 20,000 or more visitors or matches being played at the QEOP (this would typically exclude events at the other smaller venues at the QEOP as their capacity is less than 20,000).

The normal parking zone hours of operation for the areas will apply at all other times. See signs within the parking bays for normal hours of operation for the parking zone.

During the event days, residents and business permit holders and their visitors will need to display parking permits, visitor vouchers or have a valid pay and display/RingGo session until the end of the event day controls.

Page updated on: 20 November 2019

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