Planned maintenance works programme

  • structural repairs, for example, roofs
  • replacing and maintaining windows and doors
  • making improvements, for example, installing door entry systems
  • painting the outside of your home

We will write to you at least six weeks before any major planned maintenance works will start on your block or estate.

See our Resident communication policy (google doc).


Decent Homes Programme

The Decent Homes standard is a government target set to ensure all social housing meets an acceptable standard. Since 2006, the Council has invested over £184m in improvements to homes. To date the Decent Homes programme has delivered new kitchens and bathrooms to 10,800 homes, new roofs to 14,753 homes and new windows to 16,700 homes. The Decent Homes programme underpinning the Decent Homes standard finished in February 2015 and was replaced with the Hackney Investment Programme.

Hackney Investment Programme

The Council is aware that a lot can change in 11 years and so properties that met the Decent Homes standard in 2003, may currently need updating. The Council’s continued commitment to modernising homes will be achieved through a new programme of works called the Hackney Investment Programme.

This programme will improve kitchens, bathrooms, roofs and windows. £100m has been allocated to spend on modernising kitchens and bathrooms over the period between April 2015 and March 2024. It is estimated that over 10,000 homes will benefit from this during the period.

If your home is included in the programme, we will write to you to tell you the details of the work to be carried out and when it will start. Any work in your home is subject to a survey before works start to check the condition of your home.

If you have any urgent repairs needed in your home, please do not wait for the Hackney Investment Programme, request a repair by getting in touch with our Repairs Contract Centre.

What you can expect from us

Our service standards explain the service you can expect from us when carrying out planned works.

Standards for planned works

We aim to carry out a wide range of works to maintain the housing stock to a decent standard, ensure they comply with legal and safety regulations and to protect and prevent deterioration of buildings and the services provided within them. Works include reactive, cyclical and planned programmes.

Our approach is to:

  • undertake planned repairs and renewals, where required and carry out improvement works to homes, blocks and estates. These works include the maintenance and/ or upgrading of: estate and block lighting; lifts; CCTV systems; security doors and door entry systems; drainage and water quality systems; domestic central heating and hot water services; electrical supply systems and domestic wiring; playground sites and equipment; estate roads and footpaths; external and internal decorations to blocks and estates; communal heating and hot water services; security works; roofs and windows
  • minimise disruption to residents while the works are ongoing
  • consult with residents as much as possible where there are design options
  • keep residents informed of any problems or delays in the works
  • wherever possible, carry out repairs via planned and co-ordinated programmes to maximise efficiency and minimise costs and disruption

Our service standards:

  • we will repair notified faults with TV aerial and satellite dishes within five working days
  • we will check that CCTV cameras are working and will carry out necessary repairs within two working days. If a replacement is required, we will provide this within ten working days
  • we will undertake a full survey of our estate roads/ footpaths every 10 years and any works generated by that survey will be subject to review and further survey
  • all programmes of work are subject to review/ survey and consideration for inclusion into the “External Envelope Criteria”
  • we will base our planned painting programme for properties on an eight year cycle, subject to review and survey
  • we will respond to lift breakdowns within two hours between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and within three hours at other times, if there is no other lift available
  • we will undertake a monthly safety check of all our lifts and arrange for regular servicing
  • we will replace major components and replace complete lifts when required
  • we will attend to faults with door entry systems within seven days
  • we will consult residents if a new or replacement door entry system is planned for your block.
  • where necessary we will upgrade and replace estate lighting, including replacing old fittings with energy efficient lighting and install additional lights to improve the quality of illumination and rewire where necessary
  • we will carry out sample inspections of completed repairs and planned works
  • we will carry out annual gas checks in all tenants’ homes where gas appliances have been installed by Hackney Council or Hackney Homes to ensure any gas appliances and the central heating system are safe and work properly. We will issue a gas safety certificate and we will replace any Hackney Homes’ supplied appliances that have become obsolete with an up to date and more energy efficient appliance via our planned programmes. We will provide a carbon monoxide alarm and investigate any instances where the alarm is triggered
Page updated on: 26 February 2024