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Pest control

We offer a cost-effective, efficient pest control service to residents and businesses in the borough.

Book a treatment

Call us or email us to log a treatment request and we will contact you within 48 hours to book the next available appointment.

We will survey your property and tell you how to avoid future problems before treating the infestation. We’ll leave you information about the treatment and future prevention.

We are unable to provide surveys without treatments but unlike many commercial pest control companies, we will not tie our customers into long contracts or multiple visits.

Pest control advice for businesses

Your premises may be closed if you do not take the necessary action to control pests.

Premises need to be made rodent and insect proof and regularly inspected for evidence of infestation by rats, mice, cockroaches, other insects or birds.

Pest proof the building by following the steps below.

  1. Seal or protect all gaps in the external fabric of the building including holes around pipework through walls, gaps under and around external doors. Do not seal air bricks but do cover them with insect proof mesh.
  2. Protect doors or windows left open for ventilation with fly screens.
  3. Install electronic fly killers (away from open food). The unit should be regularly maintained and bulbs replaced at least every 12 months.
  4. Keep all parts of the premises and yard areas clean.
  5. Check gullies and drain covers to make sure they are not broken.
  6. Empty bins frequently and keep lids on.
  7. Clean and disinfect bins and yards regularly to remove spillages but also remember that water in these areas can provide an attraction, particularly for rats which need to drink daily. The areas need to have good drainage that is maintained in good condition.
  8. Never leave bags or boxes of rubbish outside unprotected.
  9. Check food products on delivery for signs of infestation and rotate stock regularly.
  10. Store foods off the floor.
  11. Make sure all staff are vigilant and look daily for evidence of pests.

Hackney pest control

Consider a pest control contract with Hackney Council. We can eliminate pests and advise on pest proofing. Contact us if you have an infestation.

Any pest control company should provide full and detailed reports. These must include the pesticide used, which areas/rooms have been inspected, whether any pest evidence has been found and if it has, what that evidence is for example mouse droppings, gnawed food or bait take. Reports should include any recommended action you should take.

False widow spiders

Find out more about false widow spiders:

Treatments and costs

Survey and advice for pest control at a private property £25
Cancellation of treatment with less than 24 hours’ notice £20
Rodent treatments (rats/squirrels or mice) cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be treated as the second or third visit £20
Private or commercial pest control treatments may require a deposit when booking £20
Pharaoh ants (per visit) £122.76
Fleas £136.44
Other insects £136.44
Out of hours stray dog collection fee (whether tagged/microchipped or not) £136.42

Please contact us if you need to book an appointment.

Page updated on: 25 June 2019

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