Charges and stages for parking fines

There are two levels of charges for PCNs depending on the level of disruption to traffic and other motorists.

  • a higher rate PCN for a more serious offence is £130
  • a lower rate PCN for a less serious offence is £80

A 50% discount rate (£65 or £40) will apply if you pay your PCN:

  • within 14 days for a CCTV moving traffic, bus lane or CEO PCN
  • within 21 days for a CCTV parking PCN

The information on the PCN explains the discount period and how you can pay or dispute the PCN.

PCN stages

If the PCN is unpaid after 28 days

  • a notice to owner is served on the registered keeper of the vehicle
  • the full PCN charge is payable

If the PCN is unpaid and no appeal is made after 28 days

  • a charge certificate is served
  • the charge increases by 50%

If the PCN is unpaid after 14 days

  • an order for recovery is served
  • the PCN is registered as a debt
  • a £8 court fee is also added to the PCN

If payment is still not made after 21 days

  • a warrant of execution is issued
  • civil enforcement agents (formerly bailiffs) are instructed to recover the debt
  • enforcement agent charges are also payable on top of the PCN debt

For example

  • penalty charge notice: £130
  • discounted to £65 if paid within 14 days
  • increasing to £195 when a charge certificate is issued
  • increasing to £202 when registered as a debt

Check the stages for the type of PCN you have been issued

Disputing your PCN

See grounds for disputing your PCN.

Civil enforcement agent charges

If the PCN remains unpaid, it will be passed to an enforcement agent (formerly a bailiff) who will collect the debt plus their own recovery fees. Please refer to the debt recovery FAQ for information on penalty charge notices that are registered for debt and passed to enforcement agents.

If you have received an enforcement notice from an enforcement agent, you will need to contact them directly, as detailed below or in the letter. Do not call the Council.

  • JBW – 0844 576 3620
  • Marston – 0845 074 3749
  • Newlyn – 0160 463 3001
  • Whyte & Co – 0845 458 9439
  • Chandlers – 0800 0856 648

The enforcement agent charges that will be added to the full charge of your PCN debt are set out below. These charges are in accordance with The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014.

Statutory fees

Enforcement charges*

  • compliance stage – £75.00
  • enforcement stage – £235
  • sale or disposal stage – £110

*If your debt was registered before the above charges became applicable on 6 April 2014, in addition to charges accrued prior to 6 April 2014, those charges were issued under The Enforcement of Road Traffic Debts (Certified Bailiffs) (Amendment) Regulations 2003 and the transitional changes are regulated by The Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 (Consequential, Transitional and Saving Provision) Order 2014.

Disputing the PCN after it has been issued to an enforcement agent

You cannot dispute the PCN with the Council after it has been passed to an enforcement agent. If you wish to dispute the PCN or order for recovery after it has been passed to an enforcement agent, you will need to seek legal advice or contact the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court directly on 01604 619 450 or email:

Free legal advice is available from your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Page updated on: 2 October 2019

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