Parking zones

Parking zones (PZs) have been introduced to improve parking conditions for local residents and businesses. They also help traffic, pedestrians and cyclists move safely in the borough.

In PZs, parking bays are marked on public roads (excluding red routes, which are the responsibility of Transport for London) to show where it is safe to park. The bays are allocated to certain users, including residents, businesses and their visitors. Each vehicle must display the relevant permit or visitor voucher for the zone they are parked in.

Outside the parking zone hours, you do not need to display a parking permit or parking ticket, but yellow lines and disabled bays will still be enforced.


Operational hours and map

Click on a zone to see operational hours.

Please note that some streets have variable restrictions and motorists are advised to check the sign on the street before parking.

Click on a zone to see the operational hours.

Match day and event day parking

Emirates Stadium

The match and event day scheme operates as an extension to the existing CPZ operational hours and is designed to prioritise local parking space for Hackney residents and businesses.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and London Stadium

We have applied event day restrictions in roads surrounding the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and London Stadium (QEOP) to protect the parking needs of the residents in the area when events are taking place.

Parking enforcement on bank holidays

We operate a consistent approach to bank holiday parking enforcement.

While not all restrictions are enforced on a bank holiday, we will enforce restrictions if there is an issue with safety, traffic flow or if a vehicle is causing an obstruction.

Bus lane and moving traffic restrictions (such as box junctions and banned turns) are enforced as normal on bank holidays.

Page updated on: 14 June 2024

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