Parking zone consultations

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for parking zone consultations were updated in winter 2020. Below are the key changes:

  • for PZ consultations, only submissions from residents and businesses in the boundary and catchment area will be counted
  • only one response per household or business premises is allowed:
    • either by returning the paper form, or by completing it online
    • if more than one is received, only the first will be considered
  • any property registered as a house in multiple occupation (HMO) will receive one consultation per household, as defined by the unique property reference number
  • if a household or business has not received a copy of the consultation, a questionnaire will be provided upon provision of proof of residency. Accepted forms of proofs include:
    • driving licence
    • council tax statement
    • utility bill dated in last 3 months
    • signed tenancy agreement
    • bank statement (current or savings account) dated in last 3 months
    • solicitor’s letter confirming completion (new residents only)
    • rent book from council or housing trust
  • submissions without a full name and/or business name, full address and completed declaration will not be accepted
  • we’ll not accept photocopied/ bulk submissions
  • an email address is compulsory for online submissions
  • online submissions will require the unique reference number from the consultation pack to validate the submission
Page updated on: 28 July 2023

Parking Consultations


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