Parking policy consultations

Open consultations

None at present.

Recently closed consultations

Consultation process/method

The methods and engagement activities vary depending on the size and scope of the consultation. Some of the engagement methods we may use are as follows:

  • consultation website
  • Council website
  • doorstep surveys with residents and businesses
  • drop-in sessions (if the consultation is for a new zone)
  • leaflets
  • online surveys
  • posters
  • questionnaires
  • social media – Facebook, Twitter
  • local newspapers

The length of consultations will also vary, however, the average length of consultation is between 6 and 12 weeks.

When do we consult?

The origin of a policy change, or new policy will influence the need to consult.

If the policy is contained as a recommendation within the parking and enforcement plan (PEP) then the consultation that has been conducted for the PEP will often be sufficient for the policy to move forward.

If a policy change or new policy is not a recommendation within the PEP, a consultation will be necessary prior to the policy moving forward.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for parking policy consultations were updated in winter 2020. Below are the key changes:

  • one response per person is allowed:
    • either by returning the paper form, or by completing it online
    • if more than one is received, only the first will be considered
  • borough-wide parking policy consultations are open to anyone who lives, works or visits Hackney
  • submissions without a full name, full address and completed declaration will not be accepted
  • we’ll not accept photocopied/ bulk submissions
  • an email address is compulsory for online submissions:
    • the email address may only be used for one submission per consultation
    • any submissions with duplicate emails will be discounted
  • online submissions will require the unique reference number from the consultation pack to validate the submission

Closed parking policy consultations

For the results of the following parking policy consultations please see the delegated power reports below:

Page updated on: 18 November 2021

Parking policy consultations


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