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Parking fines

Parking fines are also known as penalty charge notices (PCNs). We use civil enforcement officers (CEOs) and CCTV (bus lanes and moving traffic) to issue parking fines.

Pay your parking fine

Pay parking fine

You may also view the types of penalty charges and stages for parking fines.

By post

Complete the payment slip attached to the PCN, enclose a cheque or postal order payable to ‘London Borough of Hackney’ and send to PO Box 75246 London E8 9GT

By phone

Call the automated payment line: for PCNs starting QZ dial 020 8629 1232. For PCNs starting HK or HQ ring 020 8356 5050

Dispute your parking fine

If you are given a parking fine, you have the option to review evidence of it and dispute it. You can only dispute a fine for specific reasons or grounds. You will need Adobe Flash player on your computer to view any CCTV footage.

Dispute your parking fine

You can also dispute your fine by writing to: PO Box 75246 London E8 9GT. Please provide as much detail as possible, include your PCN number, vehicle registration number and contact address, also enclose copies of all supporting evidence. You will also need to submit your appeal or representation in writing. We will reply in writing.

Dispute stages

When we receive a challenge or representation we will put your case on hold until we make a decision. There are 3 ways to dispute a fine depending on the type of PCN and the stage in the process – please make sure you know where you are.

1. Informal challenge

You have up to 28 days to make an informal challenge after receiving a fine issued by a parking attendant or for a bus lane PCN issued by CCTV.

2. Formal representation

If you do not pay or dispute your PCN within the first 28 days, for a PCN issued by a parking attendant we will send you a ‘Notice to Owner’ or for a CCTV bus lane PCN we will send you an ‘Enforcement Notice’. These will give you the option to either pay the PCN or make a formal representation.

For a parking PCN issued by CCTV or for a moving traffic PCN issued by CCTV you can make formal representation straight after the PCN is issued.

3. Parking appeal

If we reject your formal representation, you can make an appeal to the London Tribunals, Environmental and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA). The ETA replaces the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS).

Page updated on: 31 October 2019

Representations and appeals


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