On-street cycle parking

We install high quality on-street cycle stands on the public footway and carriageway so you can reach more destinations across the borough by bike.

Where there is no space for cycle stands, we can attach cycle hoops to lamp posts and bollards.


On-street cycle parking locations

We install on-street cycle parking in locations which are convenient and accessible and we base new locations on demand.

Click on the map markers for street names and location details.

On-street parking for cargo bikes and non-standard cycles

You can lock two wheeled non-standard cycles to cycle stands across the borough, providing they do not obstruct the footway. We appreciate that three wheeled bikes may be more challenging to park due to their size. We are exploring dedicated parking solutions across the borough to meet these needs.

You should park all non-standard bikes with consideration to ensure that space on the footway is not obstructed for walking, wheel chairs, pushing buggies etc.

Request on-street cycle parking

Request new locations for new on-street cycle parking for standard and non-standard cycles such as:

  • cargo bikes
  • tricycles
  • tandems
  • hand-cycles

Request on-street cycle parking

Page updated on: 11 May 2023