Review, Rename, Reclaim

Review, Rename, Reclaim is a collaboration between the Council, community leaders, cultural experts, historians, teachers and young people that share one thing in common; a passion to make Hackney’s public spaces more representative of the communities that live here.

In June 2020, the Council launched a naming review to listen to the views of residents, partners and others about how to tackle the issue of public spaces named after people who profited from the transatlantic trafficking of enslaved Africans.

The naming review complements the Council’s Black Lives Matter motion and builds upon a long history of fighting racism in the borough. Read Mayor Philip Glanville’s statement on the structural racism faced by black communities.

The Review, Rename, Reclaim project gives us an opportunity to reassess the names of the spaces where we live, learn, work and play to ensure they appropriately reflect the diversity of our residents and inclusive, anti-racist values that we can all be proud of.

Mission statement

The memorialisation of those that profited in the trafficking or ownership of enslaved African people in our public spaces does not make sense in an anti-racist borough.

Using an open, inclusive and democratic approach, we will rename our public spaces with names we can be proud of for years to come. We will increase access to the local history that is relevant to our local communities through a collaborative renaming process – inviting residents’ contributions every step of the way.

The Review, Rename and Reclaim process involves close engagement and consultation with residents and businesses situated on roads and spaces identified by the review.

The process

The Council will work collaboratively with the community steering group. Through regular meetings their collective expertise will be shared to shape recommendations for the naming review.

Together we will identify the names and symbols that represent contested histories of the transatlantic trade (trafficking) of enslaved Africans, ownership of enslaved people, and the inequities of British colonialism.

Through active community engagement, public consultation and learning, we’ll achieve the process of renaming these contentious sites.

Alternative names will be crowdsourced with residents to ensure new names are representative of African and African-Caribbean heritage, are locally relevant and chosen through a final public vote.

Contested figures

Contested figures

Learning, engagement and how to get involved

Whilst we can’t change the past, nor want to rewrite history, we do want to better understand and help others to recognise how the past can remain present in our contemporary lives.

This project provides opportunities to promote public history learning as well as support a more representative and relevant heritage in Hackney that we can be united in celebrating.

Project updates and announcements


Page updated on: 22 July 2021

Review, Rename, Reclaim