King’s Park Moving Together

King’s Park Moving Together (KPMT) is a community project supporting people in the Kings Park ward of Hackney (which includes Kingsmead and Clapton Park Estates) to be more physically active.

Funded by Sport England, the project is helping people to improve their health and wellbeing by being physically active and connected in their local community and beyond.

Working with the community, we’re looking at different opportunities aimed at supporting people to feel the benefits of being physically active in their everyday lives, ensuring long-lasting change for individuals and the community for years to come.


King’s Park commonplace map

We’ve launched a map of King’s Park where you can comment on the areas and spaces you use for physical activity or think could be improved to make it easier for you to be more physically active.

Please leave comments and share the link with residents.

View the map

Explore quiet and interesting local walking routes with Footways

Walking as part of your daily routine is the easiest way to stay healthy and active, so we’ve teamed up with Footways to design some routes which connect Kings Park with a range of other destinations.  The routes are full of history, beauty and intrigue, so there will be plenty of things to see and nature to enjoy along the way.
Why not walk to the shops at Westfield or Central and get the bus back?  Very often a walk doesn’t take much longer than a ride on the bus and you haven’t spent time waiting at the bus stop!  These routes avoid the busy streets and follow quiet routes through Hackney.
The routes are available on the Go Jauntly app:
  • search “Go Jauntly”, or visit the Android or iPhone app store to download the Go Jauntly app
  • you can create an account within the app or skip that stage completely and just choose the walk you want to try
Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can go straight to our first two routes using these links:

If you give permission for the app to track your location you’ll be able to see all walks in London or further afield. We’ll be adding more local routes soon so keep checking the app.

Visit Footways to discover more quiet and interesting walking routes across London.

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Page updated on: 8 June 2022

King’s Park Moving Together


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