Miscellaneous street trading sites

In Hackney, we make a distinction between full markets and street trading (or miscellaneous sites) by the number of traders in a location.

If a site has 5 or more traders, we usually call this a market. Any less and it is considered a miscellaneous site.

If you would like to trade in any of our existing miscellaneous sites or if there is a location that you would like to trade from in Hackney, keep reading.

Like traders in our markets, miscellaneous traders require a street trading licence if they wish to trade in Hackney.


There are a number of traders throughout Hackney trading from miscellaneous sites. Many of these are single traders located outside trains stations or other places around the borough.

We also have a few established miscellaneous sites located in Hoxton Street, Narrow Way, Clifton Street, Leonard Street, and Old Street. View a map of existing trading locations.

If there is a new location in Hackney that you would like to trade from, please contact markets.service@hackney.gov.uk, and we’ll check whether it’s possible for you to trade from this location.


To apply to trade in a miscellaneous site, you’ll need to apply for a market trading licence.

Page updated on: 8 February 2021

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