London Fields

London Fields is one of Hackney’s most popular parks. It’s classified as common land due to its history as a site for grazing animals and moving them to market at Smithfield. The park’s large grassy spaces are surrounded by London Plane trees. The park holds a Green Flag award – an award given annually to the best green spaces in the country.

To learn more about how the park will be managed over the coming year read our management plan (PDF 27mb)



Barbecue use at London Fields is not permitted.


London Fields paddling pool

We had to close the paddling pool in London Fields in 2020. It had come to the end of its life in its existing form. It could not continue to operate safely given its popularity.

We’ve submitted a planning application for the proposed development of a new teaching pool on the old paddling pool site as part of London Fields Lido. We will provide further information once we get planning approval.

Booking the facilities

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London Fields is licensed for plays, showing films, live music, recorded music and dance performances. Find out more about holding events in parks.

Love London Fields – litter and recycling

Please recycle your bottles and cans in the bins at the entrances to the park, take any non-recyclable rubbish with you when you leave and pick up your cigarette butts and bottle tops. Please also respect local residents by keeping noise to a minimum after dark.

London Fields user group

The LFUG is a group of local residents and park users who work with us to maintain and improve the quality of the park and its facilities. They also look at sports provision, nature conservation and biodiversity. Follow LFUG on Facebook. Contact the group at


Dogs are not allowed in the play area or sports facilities. If your dogs are behaving aggressively or causing damage, or are out of your control, council officers have the power to request that you put them on leads. More information on dogs in parks.

Grow Back Greener Fund

The 2022 Grow Back Greener Fund has awarded £2m to 56 community projects across London to:

  • plant trees to provide shade
  • create and enhance green space
  • increase climate resilience

In partnership with London Fields User Group, we recently received some money from the Grow Back Greener Fund to improve the biodiversity offer across two areas of London Fields.

The project will significantly improve biodiversity and opportunities for ecology education, research and volunteering.

In the North East area of the park, we will improve a woodland area currently managed for wildlife and used as a green classroom. We’ll use the grant to:

  • enhance hedging
  • plant more to support biodiversity
  • create habitats for various wildlife
  • maximise the site’s usage as a green classroom

In the South West area, we’ll transform an under-utilised space to boost biodiversity. We’ll create various habitats such as:

  • wetland
  • meadow
  • woodland
  • wood-edge
  • post-industrial areas

We’ll add planting around the edges to increase habitat and reduce disturbance.

A path into the area will allow access, and encourage use by young people as an ecology teaching resource. This is a significant gain for biodiversity since the park currently lacks a permanent habitat or water source like this.

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Page updated on: 8 November 2023

London Fields Park


London Fields Westside
E8 3EU


  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am to 5pm, Wednesday – 9am to 4pm
    020 8356 3000

Opening times

  • 24 hours a day


Closing times:

  • 1 January to 21 January  – 5pm
  • 22 January to 4 February – 5.30pm
  • 5 February to 25 February – 6pm
  • 26 February to 10 March  – 6.30pm
  • 11 March to 24 March – 7pm
  • 25 March to 7 April – 8pm
  • 8 April to 21 April – 8.30pm
  • 22 April to 5 May – 9pm
  • 6 May to 11 August – 9.30pm
  • 12 August to 18 August – 9pm
  • 19 August to 8 September – 8.30pm
  • 9 September to 15 September – 8pm
  • 16 September to 6 October – 7.30pm
  • 7 October to 13 October – 7pm
  • 14 October to 27 October – 6.30pm
  • 28 October to 31 December – 5pm