London Fields Lido

London Fields Lido is a 50m, heated (25c), outdoor pool, open whatever the weather. The lido is in the north-west corner of London Fields Park and is run by Better, a charitable social enterprise.


  • 50m floodlit Olympic sized outdoor pool
  • lane swimming available all day
  • one to one swimming lessons
  • advice and instruction for members and non members during swimfit sessions
  • sun terrace
  • café 


  • pool hoist
  • ramp access
  • accessible toilet 
  • accessible changing facilities
  • wheelchair access to poolside facilities

If you're disabled, you and your carer can swim for free throughout Hackney.



Included in pre-paid membership.

  • non-members - adults: £4.80, juniors: £2.85
  • pay and play members - adults: £3.45, juniors: £2
  • pay and play concession members - adults and children: £1.25

Free swimming in Hackney

If you're a Hackney resident and are under 18, over 60, disabled or a carer, you can swim for free, all year round, at Britannia Leisure Centre, Clissold Leisure Centre and Kings Hall Leisure Centre. Simply visit your nearest leisure centre with proof of age and address and complete a short form. Your membership lasts for one year and you can renew it by completing the form again.

Fitness classes

Included in pre-paid membership.

  • non-members - adults: £8.10, juniors: £4.80
  • pay and play members - adults: £5.65, juniors: £3.45
  • pay and play concession members - adults: £4.05, juniors: £2.40

Membership options

There are a number of membership options available, including monthly direct debit (pre-paid membership) and pay and play memberships.

For the latest news, membership options and full details of all prices, please visit membership and pricing.


There is some limited on-street parking (metered). However the lido is within easy walking distance of both Hackney Central and London Fields stations.

Lido closure FAQs

When will the Lido re-open?

The reopening of London Fields Lido has been delayed as work continues to repair and refurbish the facility. The 50m heated pool with new indoor changing rooms will reopen as soon as possible.

Why is the Lido closed?

We have discovered major problems with the screed / render (which hold the tiles to the pool tank) in the walls and floor of the pool. This has already resulted in tiles coming off the pool walls and is likely to lead to further tile failures in the future.

What needs to be done to fix it?

The results of the investigative works have recommended that a full screed, render and tile replacement is carried out to the entire pool tank and walls.

Have you considered any other options for resolving the problems with the pool tank?

Yes - we looked into whether it would be possible to speed up the process by installing a stainless steel pool tank into the existing pool structure. However, these are generally used for smaller or temporary pools and where the pool is a new build, not an existing facility. We are also aware of reported problems with this type of installation, and our advisors have therefore recommended that we do not consider this option for London Fields Lido.

The tiling works are essential and the risks associated with the works will be minimised if carried out during the warmer weather, rather than the winter period.

Are any other works being done at same time?

Yes. Over the last two years the Council and GLL have been looking at options to improve the Lido by providing modern and efficient facilities that meet the demands and expectations of the local community. One of these options involves reconfiguring the indoor changing rooms and reception area.

As the Lido has to close for the repair works, we want to improve the changing rooms and reception area at the same time. This will involve removing some internal walls to make the foyer area brighter and more welcoming, avoiding another closure  in the future and allowing it to open with some noticeable improvements.

What are you doing to the indoor changing rooms?

We are proposing a new design that maintains separate male and female changing areas, but enhances these spaces with lockers and individual cubicles, which are not currently available to users. The revised scheme will also provide:

  • an improved foyer and reception area
  • conversion of the existing four group changing rooms into two separate male and female changing rooms. Each includes three private changing cubicles and four private shower cubicles
  • refurbished and relocated male and female toilets
  • family / wheelchair accessible changing and shower room
  • three accessible toilets
  • four additional outdoor showers

View the design:

Were there any other suggestions during the consultation?

Yes - we received useful suggestions to improve the Lido in the future, including:

  • providing additional outdoor showers
  • providing a sauna on poolside
  • fitting solar panels to help meet the Lido's energy needs and reduce its carbon footprint

We will be providing the additional outdoor showers requested as part of the refurbishment works. We are also excited about the prospects for both a sauna and renewable energy at the Lido. However, as these proposals require planning permission and Common Land consent from the Planning Inspectorate (PINS), which could lengthen the project considerably, we will seek to take them forward at a future date.

We will also look at opportunities to incorporate buggy parking as part of future Lido improvements.

What will happen to my membership when the Lido closes?

If you are a pre-paid member, you will be able to continue swimming, at no additional cost, at the other Hackney Council swimming pools i.e. Britannia Leisure Centre, Clissold Leisure Centre and Kings Hall Leisure Centre, and your membership has also been temporarily extended to allow you to enjoy the new health and fitness facilities at Queensbridge Sports and Community Centre when the Lido closes:  You will also be able to swim at any GLL swimming pool, including the London Aquatics Centre and the newly refurbished Charlton Lido and Lifestyle Club.

However, if you would like to freeze, suspend or cancel your membership when the Lido closes, please contact Nicola Flaherty (General Manager) -

Where else can people swim?

Customers will be able to swim at the other Hackney Council swimming pools or at any GLL (Better) operated swimming pool including the London Aquatics Centre and the newly refurbished Charlton Lido and Lifestyle Club.

Do I pay any extra to swim there?

If you are already a member of London Fields Lido, you won't have to pay anything extra to use these facilities. If you aren't a member, you will have to pay the Centre's normal swim price.

Will the membership transferal be for a fixed period or will it be extended if the works overrun?

It will be extended if the works overrun.

What will happen to school and Club bookings?

GLL is keen to accommodate all existing hirers across neighbouring facilities, subject to availability. Please contact Nicola Flaherty (General Manager) - to discuss your specific requirements and the options available to you.

More information

For more information about London Fields Lido please contact us or see Better - London Fields Lido.

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