Adult social care services annual report

We produce a report annually to tell people about Hackney’s adult social care services and how they help adults with care and support needs in the borough.

In previous years this report has been called the local account, but following feedback from people who use our services, the name has been changed so that it’s more meaningful for people who are reading the document.

The report aims to be balanced and open, providing useful information to describe what we have done in 2019–20 to meet people’s needs and how we plan to build on this in 2020–21.

The annual report tells people:

  • how much we spent on adult social care
  • what and who we spent the money on
  • our future plans
  • what service users and carers tell us about our services
  • how our services help people stay healthy and well and avoid the need for more intensive support from adult social care services
  • what people who use services have told us about this document

We have talked to people who use our services to get their views about the annual report, such as what should be included and to share ideas to make it clearer and a more interesting read.

It’s key that people who use our services and residents of Hackney have the opportunity to shape this document and we would like to thank all of those involved in shaping this year’s edition.

Annual report 2020-21

Previous reports

Page updated on: 22 April 2022

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