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Inclusive economy strategy 2019-25

The challenge

Our borough has seen more rapid social and economic change than almost anywhere else in the UK over the last 15 years. This has brought many new economic opportunities for local people and residents, but many have told us that they feel not everyone is benefiting equally from these opportunities and they feel excluded from the prosperity that they see around them.

There is a growing recognition that economic growth, left to its own devices, clearly doesn’t work for everyone, wastes the potential of our residents and businesses and puts everyone’s wellbeing at risk.

The Council is determined to intervene proactively to build a fairer, greener and more inclusive economy for Hackney, that everyone can feel part of.

Our response

In November 2019, Hackney’s Cabinet adopted an inclusive economy strategy which sets out how the Council, working with partners, will seek to shape a more inclusive economy in Hackney.

The strategy sets out how we will work with communities to shape local places, value and support local businesses and bring quality and fair employment opportunities to residents and tackle disadvantage in the labour market.

We are also committed to leading by example and using our jobs, assets and procurement to promote prosperity for all.


Priority 1

Support local neighbourhoods and town centres to thrive and to be inclusive and resilient places.

Priority 2

Champion and support local business and social enterprise in Hackney and protect and maximise the delivery of affordable workspace in the borough.

Priority 3

Connect residents to high-quality employment support and opportunities to learn new skills, get good quality, well-paid work and progress their career throughout their working life.

Delivery and reporting

An implementation and delivery plan has been developed and we will monitor how the strategy is making an impact on realising inclusivity, publishing an annual report assessing the progress and performance of the strategy’s implementation.

Page updated on: 28 February 2020