Funding for resident participation

Throughout the year, we have a number of funding streams open for residents living in our housing properties.


Big Lunch

We’re offering grants of up to £750 to resident groups to take part in the National Big Lunch Events in May to August 2024.

The Big Lunch is your chance to celebrate community connections and get to know one another better.

The purpose of the day is to encourage residents on your estate to come together and interact. Ensure that your activities are inclusive and accessible. They must benefit all local residents when organising your events.

In previous years, groups have organised themed events that reflect many activities. This includes live music, face painting and international dishes that residents provide fresh on the day.

This funding is only for residents and resident groups that live in Hackney Council Housing.

To be considered for funding, complete the online application form. You must send us the application form no later than Sunday 14 April 2024. We may not process applications after this date. 

For more information, see Big Lunch grant guidance (google doc).

Apply for Big Lunch

Community development fund (CDF)

The CDF is an open funding stream open to all Hackney Housing estates. Residents and resident groups are encouraged to come up with community development and engagement activities that will bring residents together.

For more information, see CDF guidance (google docs).

Apply for community development fund

Insurance grant

All groups registered with the Hackney Housing Service can apply for a grant to pay for public liability insurance to cover their events and activities.

For more information, see insurance grant guidance (google docs).

Apply for insurance grant

Tenant and residents association grant (TRA grant)

If you are a registered TRA you can apply for a grant to help with the running cost of the TRA. This includes a wide range of administrative costs, cost of minute takers, telephone and broadband cost.

For more information see:

Apply for TRA Grant

Download the form, complete and submit to

Guidance for fund applications

We have a number of funding streams available for residents living in Hackney Housing properties. 

  • Funding can be awarded directly to TRAs and other registered resident groups
  • Funding can be awarded to an estate that is currently unrepresented by a registered group; individuals or groups of residents can make an application on behalf of the estate 
  • If your estate does not have a TRA, we are happy to support applications from individuals and work together to engage more residents 
  • If you are aware of a TRA or other registered group on your estate, contact them or attend an open meeting of the group to put your ideas forward  
  • Your group will need a registered, up-to-date community, club or group bank account to receive funding directly – if you are a newly formed group and do not currently have a bank account, ensure you allow time for opening an account when submitting the application 
  • Applications can take roughly 6 weeks from date of submission to receiving the payment – ensure you allow time for this when submitting the application

If you would like any support or guidance to make a funding application or form a resident group, contact or call 020 8356 7845.

Page updated on: 11 March 2024

Resident Participation Team