Home owners’ gas safety

As a leaseholder or freeholder you are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the gas supply, appliances and any other pipes installations, apparatus and equipment connected with such gas supply solely and exclusively serving your property.

You must arrange for an annual gas safety check to be carried out every 12 months by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer and ensure that they are current and valid. You are advised to keep the gas safety certificate for two years.

Your responsibilities as a landlord

In addition to the above requirements, if you are subletting the property, you also have responsibilities to your tenant regarding gas safety. If your property is equipped with gas appliances you need to understand and comply with the law relating to gas safety.

When you let your property you must ensure that all of the pipe work, appliances and flues provided for your tenants are maintained in a safe condition.

You must keep a copy of the gas safety certificates for a period of two years. A copy of the latest safety check record must be issued to existing tenants within 28 days of the check being completed or to any new tenant before they move in.

Visit the Health and Safety Executive or Gas Safe Register websites for more information about your gas safety responsibilities as a landlord.

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For further information about your rights and responsibilities see our leaseholders rules and regulations and freeholders rules and regulations booklets:

Page updated on: 28 June 2019