Support for children with HIV

Social care services and a number of voluntary organisations work with families where a child is HIV positive, or have parents who are HIV positive. We deal with any immediate problems, and help the family to plan for the long-term care of children.

How can I get help?

In Hackney, services are provided through our children with disabilities. Additional help and advice will be available through:

Other help

The Children's HIV Association (CHIVA)

CHIVA's current role is to:

  • manage a network for professionals committed to providing excellence in the care and support of children, young people and families living with HIV
  • develop and update a website that stands as a centralised hub for information, guidance and online support for professionals, parents and young people living with HIV
  • run an annual support camp for HIV positive teenagers


Grandma's is a church-based organisation which aims to provide practical help to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. Tel: 020 3010 0014 or email:

Body & Soul

Body & Soul is a charity that provides a tailored package of support to people of all ages who have experienced abuse, illness, neglect, and family dysfunction. They offer programmes for people living with HIV, children who have been adopted, and young people who have attempted suicide, along with a safe and supportive environment where people of all ages can receive one-to-one therapist support, participate in group workshops on health and wellbeing, and specialist casework, advocacy, and legal advice. 

Body & Soul don't believe anyone should have their life chances reduced because of traumatic experience and adversity and they work to transform the impact of adversity, supporting people of all ages. If you're interested in finding out more please contact Body & Soul on 020 7923 6880 or email

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