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Council tax reduction

Council tax reduction helps people in a difficult financial position or on a low income to pay their council tax. You need to apply directly to the Council for this financial help.

To find out if you’re eligible and how to make a claim, visit our council tax reduction claim page.

Coronavirus – additional support for council tax reduction

As part of our support package for local residents during the coronavirus pandemic, if you already receive council tax reduction you will receive up to £150 off your council tax bill this year. All working-age residents who are already eligible for extra support through our council tax reduction scheme will automatically receive this discount.

If you already receive council tax reduction you do not need to take any action, the extra help will be added automatically, you do not need to apply for it. You will be sent a confirmation letter and adjusted council tax bill shortly.

If you are affected financially by coronavirus and you are already claiming council tax reduction, or you have claimed but not yet received your assessment, you will not be pursued for non-payment of council tax.

Council tax reduction discretionary hardship scheme

If you already receive council tax reduction and are struggling to pay your remaining council tax, you can apply for the Council’s short-term discretionary hardship scheme.

If your application is successful, a fund will be paid to your council tax account, reducing what you owe.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we have invested an additional £500,000 into this scheme.

To find out more and how to apply, visit our council tax reduction discretionary hardship scheme page.

Page updated on: 7 May 2020

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