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Update on Hackney Today legal challenge

The Council has received the Court of Appeal’s decision on its request to appeal a High Court ruling that it stop fortnightly publication of Hackney Today, as directed by the government. The Court of Appeal judge has rejected the request. There are no more legal options available to the Council, so Hackney Today will no longer be published fortnightly, but on a quarterly basis.

Hackney Life will be published during the other 8 months a year. In accordance with the government’s direction, Hackney Life will focus on providing information, not news, and statutory notices will be published in the local press.

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We are always interested in local news and try to include stories we receive (although this will not always be possible).

The best way to get your story to us is by email. To send in a story you can:


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Delivery and bulk drops

We try and ensure delivery to every home and business in the borough but sometimes our distributor might miss a property out.

  • if this happens let us know and we will get this looked into
  • we check out every occurrence of missed distribution to try and ensure it does not happen again
  • please note for some properties with security measures, delivery might be more difficult
  • our distributor is told not leave the paper sticking out of the letter box – if this happens let us know and we will rectify the situation


To report a missed distribution or request a bulk drop to your organisation or business, please contact us.

Hackney News

We have also launched Hackney News, a new weekly email newsletter containing a range of local news, events, updates and opportunities to get involved in decisions about your borough.

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Page updated on: 21 June 2022

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