Grounds maintenance

If you live in a ground floor property with a private garden, you are responsible for grounds maintenance.

Council teams maintain and prune trees on communal land. However, if you have a private garden, tree maintenance is your responsibility.

What we expect from you

If you live on a ground floor or street property with a rear or front garden, you are responsible for:

  • keeping your garden tidy and free of rubbish
  • trimming any shrubs, hedges or trees so they are not a nuisance to your neighbours
  • maintaining fences, garden paths and garden features such as patios or terraces
  • disposing of all cuttings and waste items from your private garden

Find out more in our grounds maintenance schedule 

Tree maintenance

Our Grounds Maintenance Teams prune trees on all communal land managed by the Council approximately every three years. Trees located in private front or back gardens are your responsibility. You can request a quote for tree pruning from our Estate Environmental Services Team.

If you see a tree in a communal area on a council estate that needs maintenance, report it to our Estate Environmental Services Team. We will visit the location to identify whether there are any health and safety risks to residents living on the estate.

Help with tree maintenance

If you are a tenant aged 65 or over or if you are registered disabled, you may be able to get support for maintaining a tree in your garden. To find out more, contact our Neighbourhood Contact Centre.

phone: 020 8356 3330

Page updated on: 2 August 2019

Grounds Maintenance Services