Future Shoreditch

We've prepared an area action plan for Shoreditch, called Future Shoreditch. The plan sets out a vision for what Shoreditch will look like in 2034 and the planning policies to guide and manage future development and investment in the area. Once adopted, it will be an important document when making planning decisions in Shoreditch.

Draft area action plan

Have your say - 29 April to 21 June

Early last year we consulted residents, businesses and stakeholders on the key issues for Shoreditch and options to address these. Having considered all of the feedback, we have put together a draft plan which includes sites for future development and policies to help make decisions on planning applications.

We are now consulting on the draft area action plan from 29 April to 21 June. 

Have your say


  • visit one of our libraries and complete a paper questionnaire
  • email your comments to futureshoreditch@hackney.gov.uk
  • attend one of our information drop in sessions on:
    • Wednesday 15 May and Tuesday 21 May, 5-8pm, at Hackney Opportunity Hub, 139 Bowling Green Walk, corner of Pitfield St, London N1 6AL
    • Friday 7 June, 11am-3pm, at Hackney House, 27 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3LT

Supporting information / evidence base

Baseline report

Part A:

Part B:

What happens next?

Your comments will help shape the local planning response in the final draft plan (Proposed Submission Version) which will be consulted upon later this year.

If you'd like further information please email futureshoreditch@hackney.gov.uk call 020 8356 8084.

Previous consultation (Issues and options document)

Thank you to everyone who took part in our consultation on the Future Shoreditch issues and options document which ran from 8 January to 28 February 2018. The issues and options stage represents the very first stage in the area action plan's production. It identifies the key issues, challenges and opportunities facing the area and sets out different options for the plan to consider and explore.

The purpose of the consultation was to stakeholders and members of the public comment on the range of options being proposed, to enable them to offer up further information relevant to the plan's development, and to indicate their preferred options.

Key plan making stages

  • evidence gathering - ongoing
  • initial consultation to identify key issues and opportunities - completed July 2017
  • consultation on the Issues and Options document - completed February 2018
  • consideration of consultation responses, and preparation of a draft plan - completed early 2019
  • consultation on the draft Future Shoreditch area action plan - we are now at this stage
  • consideration of consultation responses, and preparation of a final draft plan (Proposed submission version) - summer / autumn 2019
  • consultation on the proposed submission version of the plan - autumn / winter 2019
  • submission of the plan to the government for examination -  Spring 2020
  • examination of the plan and adoption - 2020/2021

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