Hackney Faith Forum

The Hackney Faith Forum was established in 2016 to celebrate the contribution of the faith community in Hackney, bring their collective efforts together and identify areas of future focus.



The Hackney Faith Forum organises training, information and networking sessions on issues of social concern like violence against women and girls, helping local people into work, tackling serious violence and improving food access, based on what the faith communities raise as of concern.


  • improve links between the local authority, wider statutory and voluntary sector and faith communities
  • help faith partners better support their congregations
  • improve coordination of services provided by faith communities with those of the wider voluntary and community, and statutory sectors

We also aim to promote understanding between different faiths and between those of faith and none and strengthen our links with faith partners London-wide by working with organisations like the Greater London Authority and London Boroughs Faiths Network.

We organise inter-faith events such as the day of prayer during the coronavirus crisis. Members of the forum also take part in cultural and wider community events, such as community vigils following terrorist attacks of all kinds, vigils following the murder of George Floyd, Holocaust Memorial Day, and the annual switching on of the Christmas and Hanukah lights.

We work with the Mayor of Hackney and the Speaker of Hackney on events which celebrate and bring the whole community together.

Understanding the needs of faith communities

See Hackney CVS’s report outlining the size and composition of Hackney’s faith communities.

Calendar of religious festivals

Find out more about cultural events in Hackney.

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Page updated on: 8 June 2022

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