Estate recycling

To increase recycling rates, reduce fire risks and improve the look of our estates, the Council is investing in better waste and recycling facilities in estates across the borough.

The changes we’re introducing include closing bin chutes and providing new recycling facilities and smarter bins stores. When introduced so far, they’ve seen big increases in the amount of waste that’s recycled instead of incinerated – including on the Milton Gardens Estate in Stoke Newington where recycling levels doubled from 9% to 18 % within a year.

Why it’s happening

  • it’s cleaner – the new storage areas have been designed to improve the look of estates and neatly hide away communal bins, rather than causing an eyesore
  • it’s greener – removing bin chutes where recyclable items can’t be separated from regular waste means recycling is even easier – meaning estate residents can do their bit to help recycle more and tackle the climate emergency
  • it’s safer – bin chutes can regularly become blocked and cause a fire hazard – closing them will reduce this risk for residents

Where it’s happening

The Council is currently 57 new bins stores across seven estates in spring and summer 2020 – Broadway House, Gascoyne Estate, Portland Rise, Hill Court, Pitfield Estate, Burma Court and St. Mary’s Estate. This will bring the total number of estates with infrastructure based recycling interventions to nine.

What’s happening next

With more than 200 Council estates, these changes can’t be introduced everywhere at once. However, the Council is always looking at which areas can benefit most. To have your say on where we should look at removing bin chutes and adding better waste and recycling facilities, complete this form:

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Page updated on: 25 June 2020

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