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Estate cleaning

Our estate cleaning teams look after the internal and external communal areas of your estate / block.

Daily estate cleaning tasks

Tasks include:

  • all entrance doors, foyers, lifts and floors inspected, waste removed, and cleaned as necessary
  • all bin chutes checked and cleared, or any blockages reported
  • all debris and waste removed from bin chambers; bins rotated as necessary
  • all external walkways, hardstanding and footpaths kept free of litter and debris
  • all grass and shrub bed areas kept free of litter
  • any bags of waste found  on either the grounds or in internal areas removed
  • all ASB-related paraphernalia removed and disposed of using approved methods
  • any items found that are likely to constitute a fire risk reported

20 day enhanced clean

In addition to the daily tasks, each block will receive these services every 20 days minimum:

  • all landings, staircases, windowsills, recesses, light-fittings, doors, windows and any other accessible areas cleaned
  • all signs cleaned

When is my enhanced clean?

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Annual deep clean

We deep clean blocks on a priority basis, based on the overall condition of the building itself, with ceilings, floors and walls receiving a thorough deep clean. We deliver block cleaning to meet the British Institute of Cleaning Science cleaning standards.

Cleaning of external areas

Standards are in-line with those provided to streets across the borough and include:

  • sweeping of footpaths and estate roadways
  • litter-picking of play areas, lawns, green spaces, flower / shrub beds
  • removal of external graffiti and fly-posters
  • mechanical sweeping of hard surfaces and estate roadways
  • addressing any immediate health and safety hazards
  • weed-spraying and removal of dead weeds
  • seasonal works, for example, snow and leaf clearance
Page updated on: 28 June 2019

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