East and West Bank Nature Reserve

The East and West Bank nature reserves are railway sidings running along the sides of the Liverpool Street to Enfield railway line in the Stamford Hill area. The site is an important green corridor within a heavily built-up area.

New owl box

The volunteers who look after the nature reserve have been making bird boxes, including one specifically designed for owls, to encourage birds to nest in Stamford Hill. With help from Andy Topp and others from the London Wildlife Trust, a sturdy owl box has been constructed from planks of reclaimed timber.

User group

The user group helps to keep the reserve free from litter, and to increase biodiversity in the area by planting native tree and flower species beneficial to wildlife. They hold monthly activity days and everyone is welcome. The group also work hard to raise funds to pay for site improvements which enhance biodiversity in the reserve. Contact John Yeudall on eastwestbankreserve@gmail.com.


Barbecues are not allowed in the East and West Bank nature reserves.

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Page updated on: 30 September 2020

East and West Bank Nature Reserve


East and West Bank N16
N16 5QS

Opening times

  • Closed to the public except on community work days (monthly).