Diversity in Tech Commission

The Diversity in Tech Commission aims to widen involvement and representation in digital tech careers.

There is growing demand for digital technology skills in industries such as:

  • software developer
  • digital marketing
  • cyber security
  • data analytics

Yet there is underrepresentation of some communities in the digital tech sector.


Why the Diversity in Tech Commission matters

Hackney has become a prime location for companies involved in the digital tech sector. The sector is growing faster than other industries creating many new jobs. This makes it necessary to be more diverse to deliver an inclusive economy. An economy where everyone in Hackney, regardless of background, has the opportunity to prosper.

Yet in the digital tech economy there are only:

  • 2% of workers from Black, African, Caribbean or Black British background
  • 11% with disabilities
  • 22% aged 50 or above
  • 17% of women as tech workers

What we’re doing

We’ve set up a Commission to understand the barriers facing our residents looking to launch their careers in the digital tech economy. It also helps us to understand how we can work with local employers to overcome these challenges.

The commission published a report to provide an evidence base from which to create change in the sector. It also makes recommendations for change including:

  • greater awareness of job and career opportunities
  • improved training for people of all backgrounds
  • alternative career pathways to create a more diverse and inclusive sector

View report – Diversity in tech: Breaking the barriers (PDF 1.2mb)

To take the commission’s findings forward we’ve set to work alongside partners including:

  • community groups
  • businesses and educators in Hackney and beyond
Page updated on: 22 November 2022