How to register a death

If a person died in Hackney, then legally the death must be registered here regardless of where the deceased lived at the time of the death.

The death should be registered within 5 days of the date of death, unless the death has been reported to the coroner.

A telephone appointment needs to be made to register a death.

Deaths referred to the coroner

Some deaths have to be reported to the coroner before they can be registered or the funeral can go ahead.

Urgent same day burials including weekend emergency registrars service

We offer an emergency death service for deaths and stillbirths that have occurred in Hackney, which require a same day burial.

The emergency death service is available 7 days a week.

Deaths must legally be registered within 5 days of the death occurring, so an appointment to register a death still needs to be made after the burial has taken place.

Burials not taking place on the same day or where the deceased is being taken outside of England or Wales

An appointment needs to be made to register a death within 5 days of the date of death unless the coroner is involved. The appointment will take place Monday to Friday between 9am and 4:30pm over the telephone.

If the family / informant wishes for the deceased to be repatriated abroad, consent will need to be given by the coroner.

Poplar Coroners Court is responsible for deaths that took place in Hackney and are managed by Camden Council.

Out of England or Wales requests are only granted by the coroner during working hours (Monday to Friday) and the death must have been registered before the deceased can be repatriated.

Registering a stillbirth

A stillborn child is a child born after the 24th week of pregnancy who did not breathe or show any sign of life at any time after birth.

All stillbirths must be registered in the district in which the event took place, normally within 42 days.

An appointment needs to be made in order to register a stillbirth.

Hackney mortuary

Our mortuary stores bodies where deaths have been referred to the coroner or where a death certificate cannot be issued.

Copies of death certificates

Deaths from 1 January 1975

You can order a certificate for a death that happened in Hackney from us.

Certificates are charged at a statutory fee of £11 each for standard certificates and £35 each for express order certificates, plus postage fees.

If for any reason we cannot produce your requested certificate, we will process a partial refund instead.

Order a copy certificate

Deaths on or before 31 December 1974

You’ll need to order the certificate from the General Register Office.

Please note that we have no access or association to any orders placed directly with the General Register Office. Please contact them directly to follow up an order.

Order a certificate from the General Register Office

Telling government, financial institutions and other organisations

When someone dies, there are lots of things that need to be done, at a time when you probably least feel like doing them.

Correcting an error on a death certificate

You can apply to correct a death registration when the information recorded is wrong – for example if there is a mistake in the spelling of the deceased’s name or their place of birth.

Funerals, bereavement support and protecting people’s assets

Page updated on: 14 January 2022

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