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Dalston plan

From 2018 we’ve been working with the Dalston community to create the Dalston Plan – a dedicated planning and regeneration document that aims to:

  • set out a vision for Dalston for the next 15 years based on the views put forward by the local community in the Dalston Conversation – Hackney Council’s biggest ever local engagement exercise, which saw input from more than 5,000 people
  • provide specific guidance on how to make new developments and changes to local spaces, that reflect the unique circumstances of Dalston such as its high-quality architecture and built heritage, strong local identity, diverse communities and much-loved local institutions like Ridley Road market
  • help to overcome the challenges the area faces now and in the future, to ensure that changes benefit local people and businesses first

What is the Dalston Plan?

The Dalston Plan is a supplementary planning document (SPD) that will support the delivery of the growth strategy for Dalston as set out in the borough-wide Local Plan 2033 (LP33).
The LP33 is the key strategic planning document used to direct and guide development in the borough up to 2033.
It includes a series of place policies which provide high level guidance for the Council to develop area based plans such as the Dalston Plan.
This Dalston Plan will replace the Dalston area action plan (AAP), adopted in 2013.
This draft Plan ( details below) proposes that it could deliver, over 600 new homes, 700sq m more community space and 14,000 sqm of commercial and workspace (including retail and office space) across 10 sites.

What’s happened so far

What happens next

We are currently analysing feedback on the draft Dalston Plan.

We will publish a report on the feedback received.

We will publish a final version of the Dalston Plan, taking into account the feedback received, later in 2022.

Background information

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