Cycle hangars

Cycle hangars are on-street, secure cycle parking storage units for local residents.

Cycle hangars members can only access the hangars by using a key. They encourage cycling by providing a safe parking place to individuals who would otherwise be put off owning and using a bike in Hackney.


Register your interest for a space in a cycle hangar

We’ve installed over 700 hangars, giving more than 4,300 residents an accessible and secure place to store their bike.

A space in a cycle hangar costs £51 a year on the street, and £36.50 a year on estates, plus a £30.50 key deposit. Due to the high level of demand, we operate a waiting list, and there’s a limit of one space per resident.

If you’d like to apply for a space in a cycle hangar, you need to register your interest. If you’re a couple or a group of people, you’ll need to register your interest separately. We are only able to offer one space per person due to the level of demand for the service.

You can register your interest in up to 5 hangars in your area.

We offer available spaces to the residents who have been on the waiting list for each hangar the longest

Register your interest for a cycle hangar space

Map of cycle hangar locations in Hackney

You can view all the cycle hangars in the borough.

How we decide where to locate new cycle hangars

We choose the locations for new bike hangars based on the level of local demand, which we determine from the number of registrations of interest. So by registering your interest, you help us to focus our efforts on installing hangars where they are most needed.

Manage your account – existing cycle hangar users

  • pay your annual renewal fee for your hangar space
  • order a replacement key
  • cancel your space
  • report a problem with your hangar

Log in to your cycle hangar account

Frequently asked questions for cycle hangar renters


Frequently asked questions for residents waiting for a space in a hangar

Estate cycle parking

If you’re an estate resident, you can benefit from a reduced rate of £36.50 per year when renting a place in a cycle hangar. Register your interest in a cycle hangar.

In some instances there may be other cycle parking schemes managed more locally. To find out more about these contact your housing officer directly.

Cycle hangar terms and conditions

View our cycle hangar terms and conditions (google doc).

Cycle hangar expansion programme 2023 to 2026

We’ve committed to doubling the number of cycle hangars in Hackney by 2026, by installing a further 675 hangars across the borough. This huge expansion of secure on-street and estate cycle parking will help residents to store bikes safely on-street and encourage more people to cycle.

Mapping the expansion

We’d like to update you on our cycle hangar expansion programme. We’ve created a map (see below) that displays proposed locations and tracks their progress through various stages before installation. This map only features hangars included in this expansion programme.

We follow detailed guidelines for selecting suitable hangar locations, and experienced officers carefully access each location. Until the hangar is actually installed, there’s a chance that a proposed location may change or can no longer go ahead. You should view the timing information below as a rough estimate only.

Page updated on: 5 July 2024