Council tax reduction claim

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties or you’re on a low income, you may be eligible for financial help from Hackney Council towards paying your council tax. This is called council tax reduction.

People claiming Universal Credit need to apply separately for council tax reduction.

Am I eligible to claim council tax reduction?

You can apply for council tax reduction if you are the person paying the council tax on rented accommodation or if you are a homeowner.

Council tax reduction is a means tested benefit. In order to assess if you are eligible to claim, we will look at:

  • you and your partner’s income
  • you and your partner’s savings and investments
  • the personal circumstances of other adults living in your household

The government decides an amount that they believe is the minimum that you and your family need to live on each week. This is called your applicable amount. We use this criteria to assess your claim.

How much council tax reduction will I get?

Working age people

  • your council tax reduction will be up to a maximum of 85% of your council tax bill, before any deductions are made due to income and savings
  • your eligible council tax will be reduced if you (and your partner) have other adults living with you (non-dependent deductions). This is because they are expected to help pay the costs


Pensioners are protected and continue to receive the same level of support that they did under the old council tax benefit system.

This means that if your income is less than an amount the government says you need to live on, you will be entitled to maximum council tax reduction.

Calculate your council tax reduction and make a claim

The calculator will only give you an estimate of your potential financial benefit. An accurate decision can only be made after we have received your claim and supporting documentation.

You will need to continue making your regular council tax payments until your claim is decided.

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We appreciate that you may be in a difficult financial circumstance as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and that you may be unfamiliar with making this kind of claim. If you would like support applying online, please call us on 020 8356 3399.

Page updated on: 15 November 2020

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