Council Constitution

The law requires us to have a Constitution. This is a document that sets out how we operate, how we make decisions and the procedures we follow to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. The law requires some content, while other content is for us to choose.

We adopted a new Constitution on 24 July 2023 and it came into force on 4 September 2023.

We have divided the Constitution into parts and sections. We’ve published each separately to assist you in navigating through the document.


Glossary for the Constitution

The glossary provides definitions of the key terms used throughout the Constitution. In addition to this glossary, you can find micro glossaries in Part Five, Sections A and B which contain more terms relevant to those particular sections.

See Glossary (google doc).

Table of contents for the Constitution

See Table of contents for the Constitution (google doc).

Part 1 – Your council

Part 2 – Articles of the Constitution

This part of the Constitution sets out the basic rules around how we conduct our business.

Read Part 2A – articles of the Constitution (google doc).

Part 3 – Responsibility for council and executive functions

This part of the Constitution explains who is responsible for the various areas of responsibility (known as executive and non-executive functions) that we have and details how the ability to make decisions can be delegated to Officers.

Read Part 3A – responsibilities for council and executive functions (google doc).

Part 4 – Procedure rules

Part 5 – Finance and contract rules

Part 6 – Public participation

Part 7 – Elected Mayor and Councillors

Part 8 – Officers

Part 9 – Codes and protocols

Appendices for the Constitution

Page updated on: 4 September 2023