Community strategy

Our community strategy 2018-2028 is our collective response to the big changes we’ve experienced and the challenges we face in our borough. It sets out our vision for the kind of future we’d like to see for our communities, and lays out the steps we’re going to take to achieve this.


A fairer, safer and more sustainable place

The community strategy was adopted by the Cabinet and Council in July and it replaces the sustainable community strategy 2008-2018. We’re no longer legally required to produce a community strategy – we’re choosing to do this and to continue to invest in our local strategic partnership arrangements.

The direction this strategy sets for other local plans and strategies should help us to make Hackney a fairer, safer and more sustainable place for everyone, and to protect Hackney’s open, inclusive community spirit for future generations.


The 5 key, cross-cutting themes in the strategy are:

  1. A borough where everyone can enjoy a good quality of life and the whole community can benefit from growth
  2. A borough where residents and local businesses fulfil their potential and everyone enjoys the benefits of increased local prosperity and contributes to community life
  3. A greener and environmentally sustainable community which is prepared for the future
  4. An open, cohesive, safer and supportive community
  5. A borough with healthy, active and independent residents


The challenges and opportunities identified in the community strategy are based on an analysis of evidence on key trends affecting the borough, community insights on people’s lived experiences of how the borough has changed, strategic discussions within the Council and with partners and community engagement and consultation.

We are in the process of producing a delivery plan to help us track how key commitments will be achieved. We’re also planning to produce some interactive materials to help our staff, our partners and residents understand the direction the strategy sets for Hackney and get involved in contributing to the changes we will need to make to the way we do things in local services and in the community.


The community strategy partnership board is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction to help us work together in new ways with local organisations, residents and businesses to achieve the commitments set out in the strategy.

Work on the previous community strategy

This document set out the shared vision and local priorities for Hackney for the ten years between 2008-2018.

July 2014 partnership event: Growth and Change in Hackney

In July 2014 the Team Hackney annual partnership event focused on the theme of growth and change in the borough. This leaflet showed key trends in population, housing and employment in Hackney and views from residents on how the borough is changing at that time.

June 2013 partnership event: Hackney – the Next Chapter

In June 2013 our annual local partnership event looked at a state of the borough report and identified shared issues and actions for partners to take forward.

State of the borough 2013 report – evidence, issues and opportunities

Review of the sustainable community strategy 2012

Three years in, the Council and the local strategic partnership carried out a three year review of to help assess the progress made on addressing the shared strategic priorities for the borough in the sustainable community strategy 2008-18.

The review recommended we sharpen our focus in 5 areas of our work: how we manage growth and change, identifying and maximising employment opportunities, helping the long term unemployed move closer to employment, implementing the child poverty and family well being action plan, reviewing community engagement.

Cross cutting policy reviews to support the sustainable community strategy

Between 2008-2018 three cross cutting policy reviews on worklessness, cohesion and child poverty were carried out for Team Hackney and the Council. The aim was to help us to find more effective approaches to dealing with these complex issues together.

Page updated on: 29 July 2022