Grants FAQs and key documents

We have collated some key documents and links to support organisations applying for funding and those who have been successfully awarded a grant.

If you have an enquiry about the grants programme, please refer to our frequently asked questions below first to see if your question has already been answered there. If you can't find the information you are looking for you can contact us on or 020 8356 4066. 

Checking your policy documents

Before applying for a grant, you should use the self-assessment template below to review your current governance and policy documents. The template provides a checklist of the minimum requirements your policies should include, allowing you to rate your policies and identify any amendments or updates that you need to make.

Choosing your outcomes

When deciding on the outcomes you envisage for your project, for main grant applications, you can refer to our guide to selecting and measuring outcomes:

Key documents for grant recipients

If you have been successfully awarded a grant you will need to use the documents below:

Guidance booklet for grant recipients

This guidance document is for organisations who have been awarded a Hackney Voluntary and Community Sector grant. It includes information on the contracting process and the requirements for grant recipients.  Please read this document and share with all relevant staff who will be involved in managing your project. 

Service user data

All grant recipients are expected to collect service user data throughout their project. You will need to submit the completed service user data form with your end of grant report.

Key performance areas

Organisations which have received a main grant, small grant or specialist grant will also be asked to complete at the end of their 1st year or end of the grant.

Payment of your grant

In order to receive your grant payment, your organisation will need to be set up as a supplier on our system. If you have received a payment from the Council in the past this will already have been done. If you are a new supplier, you will receive an e-form to complete.

We will raise a purchase order (PO) for the total amount of your grant. You must include your PO number when you invoice us for your grant payment. Each grant award will have its own PO number.

Main grants, specialist grants and social welfare advice grants are paid in instalments. Small grants and community chest grants are usually paid in one payment.

There is some important information your invoice must include. Please consult the guidance above to ensure your invoice is submitted correctly to ensure you are paid without delay.

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide funding for capital items?

We do not accept bids for capital-only projects. Grant funding is mainly for revenue. Capital can only be applied for if it directly relates to the project, and only then if it is a small part of the total costs.

Can we apply for grant funding for a research project?

No, our grants are designed to fund project delivery which meets the objectives stated in the guidance notes.

We have successfully delivered a model project in another borough and will like to do the same in Hackney. Are we eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply as long as the model project meets one or both of our grants programme priorities, contributes to our equality objective and at least 80% of your project's beneficiaries will be Hackney residents.

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We have many years' experience of delivering projects in neighbouring boroughs which have been accessed by Hackney residents. Can we apply for grants as we are sure that more Hackney residents will access our project and benefit from it?

For your project to be eligible for funding, at least 80% of your project's beneficiaries must be Hackney residents. The project will also need to meet one or both of our grants programme priorities and contribute to our equality objective.

We are registered as a business but provide some charitable services to the residents of Hackney, this is not registered. Can we apply for grant for the charitable services we provide?

For your organisation to be eligible to apply, the business and the charitable entity must be separately constituted. The charitable entity will need its own constitution, memorandum of understanding or guiding principles. The organisation applying for funding must be entirely not-for-profit. Social enterprises must include an asset lock in their governing documents to ensure profit cannot be paid to directors or shareholders.

Our organisation is not in Hackney but we provide services for the residents of Hackney. Are we eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply for funding as long as 80% of your project beneficiaries will be Hackney residents.

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We want to apply for funding for a project we will be delivering with another organisation. Can we apply together for a grant?

We do encourage organisations and groups to work with each other as much as possible. When you apply, one organisation must be the primary applicant. They will be the organisation named on the funding agreement and the responsibility for fulfilling the grant requirements will ultimately be with them. Therefore, you should agree between you which organisation will be the lead applicant. You can name the other organisation you will be delivering with in your answers.

Our organisation is newly formed so we don't have any audited accounts. We have no income and we are not in receipt of any grants but through volunteers we have been providing invaluable services to residents of Hackney, can we apply for grant?

You can apply for a grant but, if successful, you will need to provide a projected breakdown of the income and expenditure for your organisation covering the duration of the project delivery period.

Does the income threshold apply to both restricted and unrestricted income?

Currently there is no income threshold for main grants.

Income threshold relates to small and Community Chest grants. Your organisation must have an annual income of less than £250,000 to be eligible to apply for small or Community Chest grants.

The income threshold includes all income, regardless of whether it is restricted or unrestricted.

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Our income is more than the maximum required to apply but most of it is from restricted funds, are we eligible to apply?

Unfortunately not, our income threshold includes all income, regardless of whether it is restricted or unrestricted.

Can we include contingency in our budget?

No, your budget may not include cover for something that may not occur. The budget must only cover costs relating directly to the project.  

Our project is going to begin later than the start date shown on the application form, can we still apply for funding?

Yes, so long as it will be completed before the end date for your contract. Organisations which receive a one year grant must complete their project during the financial year they have been awarded from - eg one year grants awarded from the 2018/19 programme must start and finish between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019. If you have received a two-year main grant, your project will need to be completed by 31 March 2020.

Different grant rounds will have different start dates, so please ensure your project is not due to begin before the start date of the round you are applying for. 

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