The Hackney Community Fund: bringing Hackney together

The Hackney Community Fund is a new initiative using levies on new developments in the borough to make grants of up to £100,000 available to local groups, charities and organisations for projects that can reignite the borough’s rich culture, foster the local sense of community and bring Hackney together.

Why has the fund been created?

Hackney has seen big changes in recent years, with the increase in popularity of the borough as a place to live, work and set up business resulting in more new development across our high streets, town centres and neighbourhoods.

The community fund has been created as one part of Council commitments to ensure that the benefits of this growth are available to everyone – part of our commitment to creating a local economy that helps people into good, sustainable jobs, gets small businesses back on their feet and ensures the growth of our town centres is based on the ambitions of our residents.

As we move on from the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that change puts local people first, that Hackney’s communities have the opportunity to come together, and that Hackney’s recovery is a fair recovery.

Who can apply?

To be eligible, all applicants must be able to evidence that they are a properly constituted organisation, with a registered address in England.

The types of organisations eligible to apply include constituted voluntary organisations, charities and resident associations. Read the guidance for more info on organisations who can apply.

What projects can the Hackney Community Fund support?

We’re looking for projects that can reignite the borough’s rich culture, foster the local sense of community and bring Hackney together.

Projects must deliver high quality physical or social infrastructure that help address the demands that development places on an area.

What’s on offer?

In the initial round grants of between £5,000 and £100,000 will be made available, with £500,000 being invested in total.

How can I apply?

Applications open on 12 January 2022 and close on 20 March 2022. 

Apply now

Support with making applications

Hackney CVS Organisational Development team can help proofread applications and the supporting documents and provide you with comments on how to make your applications meet the guidelines and criteria of funders.

Booking a one-to-one appointment with one of Hackney CVS’s Organisational Development team is now even easier as the team is now using Microsoft Booking for booking one-to-one appointments.

Book an appointment

Please note that one-to-one appointments is a free service to associate members of Hackney CVS only. If you’re not already a member then sign up to become an associate member.

For more information about what Hackney CVS Organisational Development team can offer, please visit our website.

Find out more

See the Hackney Community Fund commission brief.

If you have any questions about the fund contact:

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