Commissioning and procurement of adult social care

Commissioning is the process where we identify, buy in and monitor services to meet the needs of residents. The Council spends over £300 million every year on a wide range of goods, works and services to help us provide services to the people in the borough.

What do we commission?

We commission a range of services to meet the needs of vulnerable adults living in Hackney. These include supported housing, mental health services, Telecare, supported employment and meals on wheels. There is a focus on preventative services in order to reduce the number of people requiring support.

Working with providers to provide quality services

We aim to improve the outcomes for residents through the use of local services. We work with providers either through commissioning activity or market development facilitation to ensure that a diverse range of services are available to promote positive outcomes for local people. Outcomes can be defined as goals which a person wants to achieve. For example, to travel independently on public transport could be an outcome for a person receiving services from us. The procurement activity ensures these services are supplied effectively and efficiently.

Market position statement

Our market position statement is developed for current and potential providers to share local knowledge and inform their service development.

Reviewing user needs

We consistently review the needs of local people with the involvement of a wide range of partners, including service users and carers to identify any change in needs or the market.

Page updated on: 30 November 2021

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