Marriage, civil partnership and other ceremonies

Congratulations, celebrating a commitment to a loved one is a wonderful occasion and we look forward to helping you to arrange your ceremony.

Marriage and civil partnership is for opposite sex couples and same sex couples. You can arrange a civil (non-religious) ceremony in a building licensed for civil ceremonies, or a religious ceremony in a religious building.

Changes to marriage registration law from 4 May 2021

Changes include a move away from the current marriage register, to a secure electronic register. This will also allow for the names of parents of the couple (mother/father/step-parent) to be included in the marriage entry and on marriage certificates, instead of only fathers’ names as was previously the case.

Importantly, marriage certificates are no longer issued on the day of the ceremony, and need to be ordered after.

See further information on the changes, especially if you are marrying in a religious building including Church of England.

Giving notice

Before you marry or enter a civil partnership, you have to give notice. You will need to have chosen the venue for your ceremony, so it’s best to contact the venue to check they’re available. Otherwise, if you decide to have your ceremony elsewhere you will need to pay and give your notice again.

The minimum waiting period from notice to ceremony is 29 days, with some couples subject to a 71 day wait. The law requires an face to face interview with a registrar to give notice. This can not be given by proxy, in writing, video call, online or any other method.

Civil partnership conversions to marriage

If you have a same sex civil partnership you can convert it to a marriage, even if your civil partnership took place in another district. Please email your completed form to to enquire.

Civil ceremonies

Civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies must take place in a register office or approved premise which is licensed for civil ceremonies. Civil ceremonies must be conducted by registrars and be strictly non-religious.

There are 2 options for civil ceremonies in Hackney

  1. Contact us to arrange a ceremony in Hackney Town Hall Lanchester Suite
  2. Contact one of our approved premises to arrange your ceremony there

Religious ceremonies

A religious marriage ceremony can take place in a religious building which has been registered for worship and for solemnisation of marriages.

Civil partnerships can be registered in a religious building which has been specially approved and your civil partnership registration may be followed by a separate religious ceremony.

Commitment, renewal of vows and naming ceremonies

We offer other ceremonies such as renewal of vows, commitment and naming ceremonies.

Registering a building for worship

If your religious congregation uses a specific building regularly for worship, you may be able to register that building as a place of worship. You can also apply for it to be a registered place for marriages.

Statutory ceremonies

A statutory marriage or civil partnership ceremony takes place on certain Tuesday mornings at 9.15am or 10am.

Only two guests can be in attendance. These two guests will act as the couple’s witnesses. It is not possible for registration officers to act as witnesses, and witnesses cannot be provided for the couple.

The two witnesses must both be able to speak and understand English, although it does not have to be their first language.

How much do they cost?

Statutory ceremonies cost £46 which is paid by credit/debit card at the time of booking. Your certificate can be ordered online only after your ceremony has taken place. Certificates cost £11 each.

How do I book?

There is very high demand for statutory ceremonies and limited availability. If you’re interested in a statutory ceremony please do not use any of our online booking enquiry forms. Email us at instead.

Copy certificates

Marriages and civil partnerships from 1 January 2011

You can order a certificate for a marriage or civil partnership that happened in Hackney from us.

Certificates are charged at a statutory fee of £11 each for standard certificates and £35 each for express order certificates, plus postage fees.

If we can’t produce your requested certificate, we’ll process a partial refund instead.

Order a copy certificate

Marriages and civil partnerships on or before 31 December 2010

You’ll need to order the certificate from the General Register Office.

Please note that we have no access or association to any orders placed directly with the General Register Office. Please contact them directly to follow up an order.

Order a certificate from the General Register Office

Fees and charges

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