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Carers’ assessment

If you provide regular and substantial care for someone, you can have a carers assessment to discuss the help you need. This can happen even if the person you care for refuses help. You should also be able to contribute to the discussion about the needs of the person you look after. The carer’s views must be recorded within the service user’s assessment.

What is a carer’s assessment for?

A carer’s assessment is your opportunity to talk about your own needs and things that could make caring easier for you. The assessments should be a face-to-face discussion between the carer and the person carrying out the assessment. A carer may ask for the assessment to be carried out in private away from the person being cared for.

An assesment is designed to help you describe your current life and the support which will allow you to have a life of your own. It asks about the support you need and the support you give.

A new national needs assessment framework, including eligibility criteria and a standard for care and support were introduced as part of the Care Act from 1 April 2015. The assessment of your needs will reflect the new framework for carers and what you tell us.

Some things carers need to think about

  • do you get enough sleep?
  • is your health affected in other ways?
  • are you able to get out and about?
  • do you get any time for yourself?
  • are your other relationships affected?
  • are you worried you may have to give up work? Or would you like to think about returning to paid employment
  • are you interested in training or adult education for yourself?
  • is the person you care for getting enough help?

How do I get a carer’s assessment?

To request a carers assessment, you can either contact our information and assessment team on 020 8356 6262 or email

Page updated on: 3 July 2019

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