Car clubs

Car clubs provide you with a safer, cleaner and greener way of using a car when you need one, without the cost or hassle of owning one.

Encouraging the uptake of car clubs and ensuring easy access for residents supports Hackney’s Transport Strategy aspiration to reduce the dominance of private vehicles. Despite aiming for lower levels of car ownership, Hackney Council still recognises how important it can be to have access to a vehicle. Good car club provision both helps residents to dispose of their private cars and provides access to vehicles for people who can’t afford their own cars.

The intention is that every household is within a three-minute walk of a car club bay. We’re also working closely with car clubs in Hackney to ensure more of their vehicles are zero emissions, in line with our target that 50% of car club vehicles are zero emissions by 2026.


Round-trip car clubs

You need to return round-trip vehicles to their original parking bay when you’ve finished using them.

There are over 100 car club spaces in Hackney operated by Zipcar, Enterprise Car Club and Hiyacar.


Enterprise Car Club:

Join Zipcar:


You can use the cars and vans twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be booked by the hour, by the day or for as long as you want. You can book a bay online, by phone, in advance or at the last minute.

One-way car clubs

There are 3 main differences between one-way and round-trip car sharing services:

  • you don’t need to make a reservation
  • there’s no return point and no fixed return time, so you can take the vehicle on one-way trips
  • you can park the vehicle in any resident or pay and display parking bay – there are no designated car club bays

Only Zipcar offers one-way car club journeys with membership of Zipcar flex. Signing up for either Zipcar round-trip or Zipcar Flex will give members access to both options. 

You can park Zipcar Flex vehicles in any valid parking bays in Hackney, excluding dedicated bays such as accessible bays for disabled people, doctor bays, other car club bays, electric vehicle charging bays, etc.

Car club parking bays in Hackney

Car club cars are placed in their own on-street parking bays and these are designated with the wording ‘Car Club Only’ on the road. These bays will be enforced by our civil enforcement officers.

The location of these parking bays have been selected so as many people in the borough as possible can have access to a car club car.

The below map shows the locations of all car club vehicles in Hackney, who operates them and whether the vehicle is an electric.

Map of Hackney’s car club parking bays

Request a bay on my street

We are committed to constantly improving and expanding the coverage of our network.

You can request a bay on your street by completing our form.

Request a bay on my street

Electric vehicle car clubs

We have launched our first back-to-base electric vehicle (EV) car clubs, as we have reached a new 300 charger milestone in our rollout of the electric vehicle infrastructure.

Enterprise’s new shareable electric vehicles, provided by Enterprise car club, have designated charging bays in Stoke Newington, on Londesborough Road and Defoe road. This adds to the existing 16 electric vehicles currently available to Zipcar members and 10 for Hiyacar members.

For more information on Hackney car switch to electric see Hackney car club switch.

Page updated on: 22 May 2023

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