Car clubs

Car clubs provide you with a safer, cleaner and greener way of using a car when you need one, without the cost or hassle of owning one. We’re aiming to ensure that every resident has a bay within easy access. You can find car club cars parked on-street in their own designated bays, spread evenly throughout Hackney.

There are two types of car clubs in Hackney – round-trip (or station-based) and one-way (or flexible).

Round-trip (or station-based) car clubs

You need to return round-trip vehicles to their original parking bay when you’ve finished using them. There are over 100 car club spaces in Hackney, operated by Zipcar and Enterprise Car Club.


ZipCar membership costs £6 a month or £59.50 a year. Cars start at £3 per hour and £33 per day, excluding mileage which is 29p per mile, or £6 per hour or £54 per day, including up 60 miles worth of petrol.

Enterprise Car Club costs £60 per year or a monthly fee of £7. You can add an additional driver, for example, your partner, for £30 per year. Enterprise Car Club hourly rates start from £4.95 depending on the size of the vehicle and your membership plan. Mileage is 21p per mile for cars, 29p per mile for vans and 50p per mile if you are on the U22 membership plan.

Tax, insurance, parking permits, servicing and repairs are included. Some car clubs include the congestion charge in the price; others will bill you for it.


Enterprise Car Club:

Join Zipcar:

You can use the cars and vans twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week and they can be booked by the hour, by the day or for as long as you want. You can book a bay online, by phone, in advance or at the last minute.

Request a bay

We are committed to constantly improving and expanding the coverage of our network. Contact to request a bay near you.

Hackney’s car club parking bays

One-way (flexible) car clubs

You can pick up one-way vehicles from any parking bay and drop them off in any bay around the borough. Hackney is one of nine London boroughs that host a fleet of 700+ DriveNow vehicles including BMW 1 Series, MINI 3 and 5 door, Clubman and Convertibles, and all-electric, zero emission BMW i3s. Zipcar operates a Zipcar Flex fleet that has 800 Volkswagen Polos vehicles in various London boroughs.

There are 3 main differences between one-way car sharing services and the current car club scheme operating across Hackney.

  • you don’t need to make a reservation
  • there’s no return point and no fixed return time, so you can take the vehicle on one-way trips
  • you can park the vehicle in any residents’ or pay and display parking bay – there are no designated car club bays

You can park DriveNow and Zipcar Flex vehicles in any valid parking bays in Hackney, excluding dedicated bays such as accessible bays for disabled people, doctors’ bays, other car club bays, electric vehicle charging bays, etc. and excluded roads such as street markets and roads with high parking stress, like Hoxton Square.

Prices and membership

There’s a one-off lifetime membership fee (up to £29) to join DriveNow. You can choose to drive per minute or purchase an hourly package (around £8 an hour) or 2 or 3 day packages. DriveNow also has 30-day savings packages of 125, 250 or 400 minutes. Join at DriveNow or call 01246 506269.

Zipcar Flex offers different membership packages as well as a pay per mile package. The pay per mile package has a £19 joining fee, no monthly fee and rates are 29p per mile. The monthly packages offer discounted rates. Signing up for either Zipcar round-trip or the Zipcar Flex will give members access to both options. More information about Zipcar Flex.

What are the benefits?

Using a car club can:

  • make your life easier as you don’t have to organise tax, parking permits, insurance etc.
  • help you save money – if you drive less than 6-8,000 miles per year, giving up your car and switching to a car club saves on average £3,500 a year
  • reduce your trips by car – evidence shows that users reduce their annual mileage after joining
  • help you move home or carry heavy shopping

For more information on responsible car use visit Carplus.

Car sharing is also good for Hackney:

  • our residents and businesses use fewer private vehicles
  • it provides access to vehicles for people who can’t afford their own
  • for every car club vehicle introduced, 20 private vehicles are taken off the road, making more parking space for everyone
Page updated on: 5 April 2020

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