Car Free Day

What is Car Free Day?

Hackney has been at the forefront of Car Free Day for a number of years. Car Free Day encourages and inspires people to use motor vehicles less and take advantage of alternative means of getting around the city.

Discover how you can cut out unnecessary car journeys and see the benefits of switching to sustainable transport.

Experience a day with fewer vehicles to see what communities can look like when pedestrians and cyclists are prioritized.

Car Free Day 2021 celebrations

Wednesday 22 September, 2-5pm, Fleetwood Street, Stoke Newington

The Zero Emissions Network (ZEN) will be hosting a launch party for the new Cargo Bike Share scheme operating in the borough.

The event is open to the public and there are a number of activities taking place including:

Test ride the new Cargo Bike Share bikes

The Cargo Bike Share scheme is launching on Car Free Day. Come to Fleetwood Street to test ride the new electrically assisted cargo bikes and find out more about how you can incorporate them into your travel activities.

Cargo Bike Codes at the ZEN stall

Visit the ZEN stall on Fleetwood Street to learn more about the tri-borough ZEN project and how it helps residents and businesses. Be one of the first 50 people to visit the ZEN stall and pick up a free code to use the new Cargo Bike Share scheme.

Cargo bike market, 2-5pm

Numerous ZEN businesses have already seen the positive impacts of using a cargo bike, and we’ll be showcasing some of these success stories. Meet the sustainable businesses in the ZEN that have embraced an alternative to cars for their travel and delivery needs, pick up some delicious treats, and see the variety of goods that can be transported by bike.

Dr Bike

Bring your own bike along for a free service.

You can share photos of your visit on social media with #CarFreeDay. If you would like any further information, or have any queries regarding Car Free Day, email:

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