Bike sharing

Bike sharing schemes enable anyone to borrow a bike for a journey in London.  

Currently, 2 cycle hire schemes operate in Hackney: Santander, whose bikes are docked and can only be returned to docking stations in the south of the borough, and ofo, whose bikes are dockless and can be parked anywhere in the borough where bike parking is allowed.

For those looking to build up confidence on a bike, the Council offers free cycle skills training.

Santander cycle hire

How does it work?

Transport for London and Santander operate a docked bike sharing scheme in the south of the borough. Users register at a docking station, then the bikes can be picked up and dropped off at any station within London.

Santander docking stations in Hackney are generally found around Regent's Canal, and in and around Victoria Park. More information can be found on the Santander cycles app or on TfL.

How much does it cost?

It costs £2 to access a bike for 24 hours. The first 30 minutes of each journey is free and after that costs £2 per 30 minutes. If you become a member, you can use the bikes all year round for £90.

Register now

You can download the Santander cycles app from the Apple app store or Google Play.

ofo bikes

ofo is a dockless bike sharing scheme that operates in Hackney. You can pick up, cycle and drop the bikes off anywhere in the borough where bike parking is allowed. Currently, Hackney is the only borough in London where ofo operates.

How does it work?

ofo's eye-catching yellow bikes are hired through a smartphone app, and unlocked using Bluetooth. The bikes cost just 50p per half hour to use and no deposit is required to use the bikes.

The bikes can be dropped off anywhere bike parking is allowed and doesn't cause an obstruction, for example next to Sheffield stands. The ofo app shows where bike parking is available. 

The scheme also uses geofencing to ensure that riders remain in the borough.

How do you register?

Signing up is simple; download the ofo app from Apple app store or Google Play.

Registering your details takes place within the app and only takes a minute. After that, you're ready to take to the streets.

For more information, visit ofo.

Why has the Council partnered with ofo?

The Council chose to work with ofo because of their responsible approach to introducing the bike sharing model to London. They committed to certain operational standards, like ensuring that pavements aren't blocked, which can negatively impact residents with disabilities or parents with prams, and making sure that users know the best places to park their bike in hotspot areas.

ofo also have a 24 hour contact centre, cycle marshals on the streets to manage the scheme, and the bikes will also be regularly distributed so they don't obstruct the pavement or become concentrated in busy areas.

Contact ofo

If you want to report a problem with a bike or a bike obstructing the pavement, you can use the ofo app, or you can call 0808 101 7141 or send an email to

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