Business grants

Grant information

Grant payment amounts

You can’t receive funding for any of the above grants if:

  • you have already received grant payments that equal the maximum subsidy levels set out in the updated Covid-19 business grants subsidy allowances. This scheme is covered by 3 subsidy allowances. Grants under these 3 allowances can be combined for a potential total allowance of up to £10,935,000 (subject to exchange rates). See further information on the subsidy allowances
    • Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Allowance – you are  allowed up to £335,000 (subject to exchange rates) over any period of 3 years
    • Covid-19 Business Grant Allowance – you are allowed up to £1,600,000
    • Covid-19 Business Grant Special Allowance – if you have reached your limits under the Small Amounts of Financial Assistance Allowance and COVID-19 Business Grant Allowance, you may be able to access a further allowance of funding under these scheme rules of up to £9,000,000, provided certain conditions are met
  • your business was an undertaking in difficulty (within the meaning of Article 2 (18) of the General Block Exemption Regulation) on 31 December 2019
  • your business is in administration, insolvent, or is subject to a striking off notice
  • you are not a London Borough of Hackney business rates account holder

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Page updated on: 7 January 2022