Bridport House

Fixing Bridport House

At Bridport House, we are working to fix a series of serious defects with the building. We’re supporting residents to move elsewhere – to a temporary or permanent home – while we complete this work.

What are the problems?

Investigations have found that the wrong type of cavity wall insulation was approved when Bridport House was constructed, and that this did not meet building regulations. Cavity barriers – insulation that stops the spread of fire and smoke – are also either unsuitable, missing or installed incorrectly.

There are also major defects to external brickwork, balconies, windows and roof parapets (where the roof meets the wall) – many of which are also not compliant with building regulations. A full summary of the defects of the building is available on this page.

How are we fixing it?

We need to replace the cavity wall insulation with the correct type of insulation that meets building regulations. To do this, we would need to remove the external brickwork and balconies, replace the insulation, and then replace the brickwork and balconies, fixing all defects along the way. The Council’s Cabinet will make a decision on the next steps at a meeting on 16 September.

While the building is currently safe for residents to live in with the additional fire safety measures we have put in place, we have decided, after speaking to the London Fire Brigade, Health and Safety Executive and independent experts, that it would be unsafe and too disruptive to complete this work with residents in their homes.

What’s happening now?

Residents have received an information pack that sets out the options available and how we will support them to move to a different home. We are meeting residents individually to understand their needs, with a dedicated team to make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

All residents will receive payments to compensate them for the costs of moving, alongside one-off payments for those that choose to move permanently elsewhere.

Once all residents have moved, we will start work to permanently fix the issues with the building.

Who should I contact?

Our dedicated team is available for one to one appointments with you in your home to discuss these options and the process for moving home.

To make an appointment or speak to someone about these options, you can contact:

For independent advice and support, contact For independent advice and support, contact Christina Byrne, independent tenant and leaseholder advisor, PPCR Associates, on, 020 7199 0900.

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Freedom of Information request

We were asked by members of the public – under the Freedom of Information (FOI) act – to provide information on investigations carried out at Bridport House. Here’s what we have disclosed:
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